168 Million Child Workers : “They’re Eating my Flesh and Blood.”


What kind of childhood did you have?

Sometimes people used to cast back to their childhood. What do you think of it? What do you feel? In my case, I lived a fairly “normal” childhood. Only just sometimes I was home alone. In childhood photographs, I was always laughing. But in someone’s early days happiness was totally absent. When your happiness is spilling over, someone must fight deep poverty and the world. Perhaps it would be only a few people around him but he can feel “there is no one on my side”. These child workers had a pretty tough childhood.

Whose story?

This is the story of 168 million

Cocoa farm in 5 years

Someone asked “What do you think about people who are enjoying chocolate in other countries?” He answered, “I undergo much sufferings to make this thing but they just enjoy it. They’re eating my flesh and blood.

Real Palm oil farm

“The supervisor took me to narrow, windowless hut. Both adults and children slept hugging each other. I don’t receive any payments. Rather the company took my money in the name of providing food and a place.”

Tobacco farm

Children smoke 2 packs a half every day. Why? Because they are exposed to tobacco leaves for a long time. I’m not saying they really smoke. In fact children, who were working all day, suffered from coughing, dizziness and vomiting habitually.

‘Child workers’ Facts and figures

  • Global number of children in child labour has declined by one third since 2000, from 246 million to 168 million children. More than half of them, 85 million, are in hazardous work (down from 171 million in 2000).
  • Agriculture remains by far the most important sector where child labourers can be found (98 million, or 59%), but the problems are not negligible in services (54 million) and industry (12 million) – mostly in the informal economy.
  • Child labour among girls fell by 40% since 2000, compared to 25% for boys.

So what? It’s not your fault

You may want to think “It’s not my fault. so what?” I understand it. Also my intention is not to blame. I just want to inform current situation and I want to solve it if I could. ‘The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.’ (Dietrich Bonhoeffer) I have nothing but it’s better than doing nothing. 🙂 Do you want to join us?  Lots of luck!

“So long as little children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in this world.” – Isadora Duncan


Finland’s experiment : Basic income system “I don’t care you”


“No song, no supper” vs “Basic income”

Sir Thomas More suggested ‘Basic income’ in 1516. But doing now is different from the initial intention. Because it is conditional ‘basic income’.

Is ‘Basic income’ possible? 🙂

Finland’s experiment : I don’t care you

It was hard to find a job today. Phew, I need to eat a little rice in order save today. It’s sad to see my bankbook. (He is reading bankbook) What!?!?!! What’s this!?!?!?!! What’s this 700 dollars?! Then I felt the burning tears run down my face, and it was steady again. This unemployed man is very thankful for country and very proud of it.

It is a Finland’s experiment. KELA(Finnish institution) selected 2,000 unemployed who are 25 to 53 at random. Kela started to give 700 dollars from January. No strings attached to it. Don’t care if they don’t report their using. Even if you get a job, you can keep getting money. Wow.

Why? Why do Finland start? Unemployment has soared in Finland to about 8.1%. They did not get a job to not miss out on unemployment benefits. If government give money to this unemployed, Finland predict that this men will try hard to be economically active. Another reason is that basic income can narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. Government will tax the rich a lot more(4 times in analysis) and unequal division will disappear. Furthermore, It will decrease overall benefit costs.

So what do they behave?

Writing this article, I realized that Those who have money have two choices : appreciate or cash in. All problems stem form our mind. It is inside you all along. Outcome of this Finland’s experiment depends on stated of their mind. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Why? I think that those, who don’t go to work to receive unemployment benefits, will be lazy as in the past. This is my idea. But Finland really believe them in my eyes. Would they know Finland’s mind? This is really experiment of humanity.

I think that if Finland really want to change them, the answer is to educate heart. Foster values. I know it’s so cliche, and everyone knows this answer. But they don’t know how to achieve. What is the answer? It is no longer a day to do experiment this and that, but to really find the answer. We look forward to hearing from Finland. 🙂


It’s Time For Fake News : “Never Be a Fool”


‘Digital Gold Rush in Veles!’

  Veles is a city in the central part of the Republic of Macedonia on the Vardar river. Veles has 55,000 residents. It’s just a small, ordinary village. But if you enter into cafe, youll be surprised. Cafes is Veles swarmed with young people. They are not just ‘young people’. They are all in their late teens to early 20s. But they are wearing brand-name clothes and expensive watch. ‘Digital Gold Rush in Veles!‘ These are protagonists of ‘Fake News’ affair that made headlines in the world’s leading media in mid-December last year. These made favorable news about Donald Trump, but they made a malicious rumor about Hillary Clinton. All news is absurd but it is so even more provocative enough to spur curiosity.

Four of the five most successful posts from the Macedonian sites BuzzFeed News identified are false. They include the false claim that the pope endorsed Trump, and the false claim that Mike Pence said Michelle Obama is the “most vulgar first lady we’ve ever had.” Those four posts together generated more than 1 million shares, reactions, and comments on Facebook.(https://www.buzzfeed.com)

Everything is only for ad revenue. These little monkey dig down into mind of people who hope that the Republican candidates are elected but doubt Trump’s qualifications. It’s called the confirmation bias. They can justify themselves by watching this news. Countless people can’t help but click the ‘Fake News’.

That’ll learn you, right? You now know what ‘Fake News‘ is. What do you feel? Clever? Is it a bad thing? Do you want to do? I like fake news only if it is just a joke of kids. But If there is a strong impact, what do you think?

Apple Boss ‘Tim Cook’ said Fake News is “killing people’s minds”

Tim Cook said Fake news is killing people’s minds and a large campaign is needed to combat this problem. His saying is below.

“We are going through this period of time right here where unfortunately some of the people that are winning are the people that spend their time trying to get the most clicks, not tell the most truth.”

“It’s killing people’s minds in a way.”

“All of us technology companies need to create some tools that help diminish the volume of fake news,” he said

Also it is hard to find out news producer. Even if you find out them, it is hard to punish. If there are no provisions of punishment in their countries, this affair is not the crime itself. So websites like ‘Factcheck’, Politifact,‘Snopes.com’ are created fast to verify the facts.

The deluge of information : Need eyes that can see the truth

First, you must be careful of ‘confirmation bias’. People see only things that they want to see.  ‘Obedience to Authority’ also play a role in wrong choice. It is easy to follow media than to verify. So we must fight our laziness. In fact, The truth is even difficult to see. There are many what we know. So, what is the truth and what isn’t? It’s up to you. 🙂

In order that all men may be taught to speak the truth, it is necessary that all likewise should learn to hear it. – Samuel Johnson


On March 14 HWPL : 1st Annual Peace Forum of Declaration of International Law


On March 14, what day?

 White Day is celebrated on March 14 in Korea. The day is also in Japan and Taiwan. But there is no White Day in the United States. It doesn’t matter. What day is itDrum roll sound~~~~~ 1st Annual Peace Forum of Declaration of International Law!!!!!!! It’s so long. I am a little out of breath. HAHAHA. On March 14, 2016, the declaration for the achivement of world peace in this era was proclaimed. It’s a international law. Wow. It’s cool. This law remove war in the world without exception. Many influential people are gathered to celebrate this day. 🙂

Peace Forum : Peace is coming!

  We pursue peaceful world. In our history, Peace was sometimes identified as a coordinate concept of war. We realized then how peace is precious only after losing. If you want to know about this opinion, Click here. Real PEACE is hard to believe and imagine. But someone try hard to achieve Peace. HWPL(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) does. Why can HWPL do it?

Why? : HWPL has the answer

  The chairman of HWPL said “We have the answer to achieve Peace” When I heard it first, I can’t understand what it means. Could you know what it means? IPYG is a group of young people. IWPG is a group of mother. There are really a lot of people. I can’t understand why these two huge group follow HWPL. What a surprising is that leader of IWPG said the same thing. It is that “HWPL has the answer.

Defamation : It’s a sad story


Hater can be everywhere. I heard there are many defamation about HWPL. Also I can’t understand it. I have a sad story. When I was young, I have a friend who always backbite other friends. I’m ashamed to say it, but honestly I also hate that target of rumors. But I had an amazing experience. When I really met that target friend, I was gonna cry. He was so distressed and  I really misunderstood that friend. I was so ashamed. I think It is the same thing. boohoo

1st Annual Peace Forum of Declaration of International Law

 The pace in which HWPL has been working has been amazing. Through them the wind of peace is blowing through. Regardless of one’s race, religion or nationality, I truly desire that peace will be fulfilled. 🙂


FOR PEACE : Ein bißchen Frieden by Nicole Flieg


“Ein bißchen Frieden” (“A Little Peace“) by Nicole Flieg

Just like a flower when winter begins
just like a candle blown out in the wind
Just like a bird that can no longer fly
I’m feeling that way sometimes

But then as I’m falling weighed down by the load
I picture a light at the end of the road
And closing my eyes
I can see through the dark
The dream that is in my heart

A little loving, a little giving
To build a dream for the world we live in
A little patience and understanding
For our tomorrow a little peace

A little sunshine a sea of gladness
To wash away all the tears of sadness
A little hoping, a little praying
For our tomorrow a little peace

I feel I’m a leaf in the November snow
I felt to the ground there was no one below
So now I am helpless alone with my song
Just wishing the storm was gone

A little loving, a little giving
To build a dream for the world we live in
A little patience and understanding
For our tomorrow a little peace

A little sunshine a sea of gladness
To wash away all the tears of sadness
A little hoping a little praying
For our tomorrow a little peace

We are feathers on the breeze
Sing with me my song of peace
We are feathers on the breeze
Sing with me my song of peace

Good luck 🙂


Samsung India Service : “What makes so many people’s hearts touched?”


First of all, let’s watch this video. Then let’s start to talk.

<Samsung India Service(SVC) – We’ll take care of you, wherever you are>

What can you feel? I am moved to tears. The landscape is like movie and music is so beautiful. When were you surprised first? When the woman opened the door in the first time, pity hit me like a blow. She was blind… Oh God help her!!!  If advertising is over here, Its popularity is not appealing as much as it is now. It’s just only the level of pity.

  After completing repairs, the woman is ringing a bell. A lot of blind children come out one after another. The thrill is just beginning now. The light is darker. When they turned the Samsung TV, thrilling voice is heard. “Journeyya~~~~~~” The sound of little girl’s voice sent shivers down my spine. Her name is Prerna. I was moved by just hearing her voice and seeing this blind children. But the final blow was left. First woman says “She is from this hostel. And she is my best friend too.” I was knocked down at moving.

What makes so many people’s hearts touched?

We can know it by watching reaction. Watching again and again, a lot of people were shedding tears. What is the result? The majority of them defended Samsung. They became the side of Samsung. They attacked haters of Samsung. “If you hate Samsung, you must not hate this advertising.” Naturally, they said that they believed technical skills of Samsung too. Also someone say “My life is changed by this advertising. Thank you, Samsung”. A massive impact is clear. 🙂


Concept Of ‘PEACE’ to This Day : Heavenly Culture Is Our Way to Go


Isn’t it amazing? : Concept of ‘PEACE’ to this day

We realized then how peace is precious only after losing

So far Social science has not accumulated knowledge about the peace like about the war. Indeed, the history of warfare was written, but the history of peace has never been written. Because war is a source of violence of feelings, war became a strong motive of poetry, literature, painting and movies.

But peace’s position was just a fraction in there. We realized then how peace is precious only after losing. When you live with peace, you can’t even think about ‘peace’. You just aware your peace only by comparison to other’s unhappiness. There is a saying that goes: “True peace, it is a matter when war broke out elsewhere” In this way, peace was sometimes identified as a coordinate concept of war. Isn’t it amazing?

Culture is the intersection of people and life itself. It’s how we deal with life, love, death, birth, disappointment… all of that is expressed in culture. – Wendell Pierce

Now, Where we go?

I wish that she do not lose courage and she really achieve peace. 🙂

It was hard to believe peace is only that all. From now on, I developed a desire for peace early but the world is not. Someone can say “He is so young their eyes have not yet opened” Little boys and girls’ dream may come crashing down and they can be frustrated. Adults may laugh at youthful infatuation. Little girl crying can say “So… How could we achieve peace? boohoo… Will it be peace? What should I do? I don’t know anything…” The little girl will grow up into impassive adult. It’s so sad but It occurs very often. I don’t want to leave my children in such gloomy world. I wish that she do not lose courage and she really achieve peace. 🙂

Heavenly Culture : Everything is up to us.

What should I call it?

I want to protect little girl’s desire. I don’t want to laugh at. Rather, I want to unite the power of our minds. I want to collect them. What should I call it? It may be warm and bright. I’m happy just thinking about it. It may be like a sweet cotton candy.

But it is not weak, also can’t be weak. No matter how small candle is, darkness can’t stay for a second. “How far that little candle throws his beams!”(William Shakespeare) Its weapon is a ‘Moving’. It penetrate into your heart. No one else can stop its attacks. If it exists, I’m sure the world will be really beautiful. Did you find it? Drum roll. I find it!!!! It exists!!! It was called as ‘Heavenly-Culture’. To speak bluntly, I don’t want to bring this definition into question. Everything is up to us. A important point is whether we can achieve it, not how we define it.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast – Peter Druker


‘Sam-Il-Jeol’ Independence Movement Day & 33 Korean Religious Leaders


Today is the Sam-il-jeol Independence Movement Day(March 1) in South Korea. Do you have any independence day in your countries? In fact, when I just lived only in South Korea, I cant feel anything. I thought that of course everyone has Independence Day until now. But it’s not. I’m curious about what the difference is. It depends on who you are but Cultural differences maybe can exist. It is important to know what standards the majority of society has. HAHAHA I don’t mean to say this. Let me introduce Samiljeol. 🙂

History : Why did it happen?

On every March 1st, Korean streets filled with national flags. It commemorate a national independence movement in 1919. What happened in 1919? They suffered discrimination terribly during Japanese colonial rule. The rule of force, cultural obliteration, extortion of their land made life difficult. People from all walks of life suffered lot of damage for the past ten years. At this moment, Woodrow Wilson(28th President of the United States from 1913 to 1921) announced <Fourteen Points>. It contains spirit of ‘Principle of National Self-determination‘. It activate national independence movement.

Independence Movement Day : 33 Korean leaders

In 1919 Han Yong-un, one of the 33 Korean leaders, read the country’s Declaration of Independence at the Taehwagwan Restaurant in Seoul. 33 Korean leaders consisted of 16 to Christianity, 15 to Catholicism and 2 to Buddhism. What is surprising is that religious leaders initiate action. Corrupt religious leaders of course existed. But at times some religious leaders are really cool.

After March 1st Movement, result is rally 1,542, participants 2,023,089, deaths 7,509, wounded 15,961, those arrested 52,770, burned church 47 and private houses 715(from Japan). Even though this movement caused a lot of casualties by Japan’s brutal crackdown, this national movement showed the patriotism of our people both internally and externally.

How can I forget about Yoo Gwan-soon!!! Japanese military police tortured Yoo Gwan-soon, who died in prison in 1920 at 18. The scope of the torture was beyond our expectation. Maybe it is too painful… My heart was broken…

Lastly, Kim Gu’s quote is moving. We must need highly-developed culture. I want to write about this more.


The only thing that I desire in infinite quantity is the power of a highly-developed culture. This is because the power of culture both makes ourselves happy and gives happiness to others. – Kim Gu


Miracle Morning : If You Change Evening, A Miracle Happened In the Morning



My morning is too painful

Do you have ever heard ‘Miracle Morning’? How is your morning? Is it terrible? My head is sick but you can only heard nagging, right? Sometimes morning is too painful. The most painful thing to me is that I don’t do things to do. It’s because of my laziness. But sometimes I try to rationalize it. I was tired and I was busy all time. After rationalization, The same thing happens. Finally I end up regretting it. What should we do? Let’s find it. 🙂

Hal Elrod : How to success? It is simple

Miracle Morning‘ is a book by Hal Elrod. First, you must know ‘Hal Elrod’. When he was 20 years old, He was dead for 6 minutes clinically. A drunk driver ran head on into him by car. He suffered 11 fractures. He woke up after six days in a coma. Doctors said he would never walk. Contrary to expectation, he can walk but also he is a ultra marathon runner, international speaker and expert in motivation. He do not choose to go on his way of victim. He didn’t make any excuse. So A lot of people go to him for advice.

How to success? It is simple. It is possible if you change your morning. Oh … too simple? There’s something simpler. So, how can we change our morning? He suggests ‘The status of the next morning depends on your final thoughts before sleeping.‘. It is not related with wake-up time and bedtime. He proved that even if you you have less sleep you can wake up early with a fresh mind by doing with practitioners. Just like Christmas morning you filled your morning with something you’re looking forward to. This will help you be more productive.

Morning 6 Keyword: ‘SAVERS’

Minute 1: S is for silence

 Relax your body. But, Don’t sleep again. HAHAHA Just feel calm.

Minute 2: A is for Affirmations

You read and write ‘powerful words’. It really motivate you. It break your limit. How can? Because It’s just a limit that you determine.

Minute 3. V is for visualization

Close your eyes and visualize your goals.

Minute 4. E is for exercise.

Running!!! Jumping, push-ups, or sit-ups!!!

Minute 5. R is for reading.

Read one page, maybe two. It can change you to feel how beautiful the world is. You can feel the joy of learning.

Minute 6. S is for scribing.

Writing down is the most important. You can write your grateful things or your feelings, your dream, your goals and so on. If you write down, everything can be clear. This experience is like that you begin life again. Good luck 🙂

Miracle Morning is yours.

“Habit is a second nature thta destroys the first. But what is nature? Why is habit not natural? I am very much afraid that nature itself is only a first habit, just as habit is a second nature.”
Blaise Pascal, Pensées