Jewish nurse breastfeed Palestinian baby boy : We Are One


Long struggle between Jews and Palestinians dies down in front of a hungry baby.


Mahatma Gandhi “Hate the sin, love the sinner”


A baby was crying alone

  On June 8, there was a car accident. One Palestinian family was rushed to the emergency room. Also there was a baby who was a 9-month-old baby, Yaman Abu Ramila. He was breathing? He kept quiet motionlessly. Suddenly he burst into crying! His father and mother were still unconscious. One Jewish nurse, Ula Ostrowski-Zak, tried to feed powdered milk, but the baby absolutely didn’t eat anything. She can’t help but to breastfeed the Palestinian baby.

I can’t believe it!

Relatives of Yaman were really surprised. They can’t believe ‘Jewish breastfeed Palestinian baby boy’. But Jewish nurse said “Not only me, any mother will do so”. She breastfed at 5 times and Yaman‘s aunt hugged her and said thank you.

More surprisingly, she found someone who want to breastfeed Yaman in online. Only for two hours, many people wanted to do it. It’s the power of mother’s heart I guess.

Love of mother, its a powerful thing, young friend.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!



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