Peace Education of HWPL


Priceless legacy of peace

  Education is a powerful and effective source of human development, as specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Have you ever experienced the power of education? Have you ever seen their changes? Or have you ever experienced your changes? Education is closely related to change. What should the Education do? In order to protect and further enhance the priceless legacy of peace from great wars and consequent sacrifices, education must guide students to understand values such as human dignity, equal opportunity, democracy, etc.

Article 10 Spreading a culture of peace

Peace Academy

The students who received peace education from HWPL are creating this place into a world of peace as “messengers of peace”. The HWPL Peace Academy teaches Peace of Mind based on dignity of Life. It is the best education that every human being is more valuable than the whole universe, isn’t it? How great DPCW Parade is!

HWPL’s peace education ensures that the youth acquire knowledge and skills needed for the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence.”

Peace Education of HWPL

  117 schools from 8 different countries (as of July 2016) voluntarily became HWPL Peace Academies. The designated Peace Academies announce the Statement of Resolution and their future plans to incorporate peace education into their curriculum. It will teach about HWPL’s peace initiatives. HWPL’s comprehensive approach to education allows teachers and students to embrace the values of human rights, intercultural and interreligious understanding, and tolerance. It is really needed for global leaders who want to reconcile. Whether you get the peace education or not makes fundamental difference. It depends on you.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!


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