Doctor : Smart? Cool? No They Stop Thinking

Doctor : Smart? Cool?

What do you think about doctor? Medical dramas have aired constantly. What kind of person is a doctor? We all agree how difficult it is to become a doctor. Medical students should study medicine again and again. Why? Because It is a life-saving work. Life depends on doctor. The responsibility is really heavy. I want to say ‘Why did you become a doctor?’ What is a good answer for that question?

They stop thinking

I think It is different from country. Generally speaking, In South Korea the doctor’s position is very high. In particular medical school stands unrivaled among middle and high school students. I think other countries are not. I want to ask me. Why did you become a doctor? As a medical school student, I can’t say anything. Even though the reason is insignificant, medical students actually study a lot. What do they for good grades? Do you know? I know it. They stop thinking.

There are two ways

Then you must choose one of two ways.

First, stop thinking and let’s face it. They accept people’s eyes as it is. They considers themselves to be the big cheese. After that they will keep it that way. In first way, they look like a million dollars. It glittered brilliantly.

Second, maybe they can feel hollow. Everyone thinks he is a somebody, but he is really a nobody. He can feel that he is a thoughtless man. In fact, he is in the vanguard of learning by rote. It is what I feel these days. I feel like I am broke. Second way is shabby. Between you, me, and the doorpost, I’m counseling nowadays. In fact, many doctors are said to have mental problems. It’s actually my story. I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding.

I’ve lived a life. Is it meaningful? Hmm… sometimes I don’t live my life. Maybe the majority of people are the same. In fact, I am searching for meaning. Yesterday we look at the research results. It said ‘Meaning of life‘ level is a key factor to be charming. Today, we look at my situation. It’s your turn. Good luck to you 🙂

Dear, I have no pity for you

but need help because you are future of this country.

– Angelina Jolie

Meaningful life : Who is the most attractive person?

In our lifetime, we meet all types of people. I want to look cool. When I go on a blind date, I always get cold feet. When I go to a business meeting, I always care how it looks. How about you? It was a very prominent question in my mind. In truth, I want to be someone who is expected to attract people. I want to be an influential person. Also I want to live meaningful life. Let’s try to find out.

In 2011, four psychologists in the United States had a interesting study. The topic is ‘Who are we attracted to?’ There are two experiments.

First test

Researchers recruited college students who can come with a friend and asked them to talk about ‘friendship’, and filmed them. 70 people’s self-esteem and meaning of life were measured by a simple questionnaire. Meanwhile, evaluators also were recruited. Watch this video and Ask them.

“How much do you want to be friends with this person?” Please mark as one of one to five points.

 What is the result? In conclusion, There was a clear factor to impact on the likability. ‘The meaning of life’ level is a key factor. People, who said that their life is more meaningful, received high marks for evaluators than not. The interesting thing is that they don’t say any words like ‘meaning of life’. Nevertheless, the evaluators is naturally attracted to people who have a clear meaning in life.  What about ‘self-esteem’?  Self-esteem is to think them valuable and positive. We are attracted to people like this, isn’t it? According to analysis,  ‘Self-esteem’ has nothing to do with ‘likability’. Easy to say, we don’t  have a good feeling more to high self-esteem. On the contrary, we do not have a good feeling less to low self-esteem. Looking themselves positive and having a meaning to life is different. Here I was stunning. I thought I can’t be charming because I don’t have self-esteem. A ray of hope appeared.

Second test

We want to verify clearly whether we really loved to people who have a clear meaning in life or not. We reinforce the conditions. First, they introduce themselves. Second, the time limit is 10 seconds. Third, the question is three.

“How much do you like?”

“Do you want to be friends?”

“How much are you funny if you have a talk with this person?”

 The same outcomes are difficult to emerge because we reinforce the conditions. According to analysis, the meaning of life is still a powerful impact on the likeability. The evaluators give higher scores to people clearly aware of the meaning of life.  They say they want to be friends with them and it will be a good conversation. What about other factors?

Researchers considered degree of happiness, religious sentiment, personality trait. But these have no impact or very small. So far, these studies based on Viktor Emil Frankl‘s claim for ‘the meaning of life’. The key point is that ‘Humans have basic drives to pursue the meaning of life’ Researchers defined the meaning of life can be magneticforce. We are attracted to people who live a inner-centered and meaningful life rather than people who have a plausible external image.

Certainly, I’ll be happy if I have the meaning of life. Also, many people will like me. But how can we increase ‘The meaning of life’ level? It is our homework left. Let’s find together for next time. 🙂

If you know the why, you can live any how. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Valentine’s Day : Do you have a loved one?

Valentine’s Day

 Do you know what day yesterday is? It is a Valentine’s Day!!! Did you have a good day? I had a busy day. Of course, I didn’t give a gift from place to place. HAHAHA. I don’t have someone to gift. In modern Valentine’s Day, Most people give presents to each other, loved ones and neighbors.

 Origin of Valentine’s Day

It is a feast day of Saint Valentine. Who is he? Roman times, corps are prohibited to marry. Because It is concerned that corps desert army to miss their family. Of course prohibited legally, they bear a child secretly and get married later. According to legend, Saint Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings illegally for soldiers who really loved. Finally he was persecuted. It is a origin.

Various Forms In the World

In South Korea women give chocolate to the men who she love. And men give non-chocolate candy to women on March 14 (White Day). On April 14 (Black Day), those who did not receive anything on February 14 or March go to a Chinese-Korean restaurant to eat black noodles to console their sadness. HAHAHA It’s funny. But It is also criticized that It is ‘the exploitation of working classes through commercialism by multinational corporations.’ In Muslim countries Valentine’s Day has been harshly criticized.

Please hit by chocolate!!! I am waititng

South Korea’s form is originated in Japan. In 1950s a confectionary company started chocolate marketing in Japan. The concept, women give chocolate men, first emerged at this time. Do you have a loved one? Love is a good feeling. It made my heart flutter. It’s really good that there is someone who I want to love. Someone will have dwindled away into nothing with advancing age. Things are getting hard on us. In this situation, I seek comfort in writing. I risked my life to be recognized. 🙂

I hope you find your love. 🙂

 Love is, above all else, the gift of oneself. (Jean Anouilh)

Steve Jobs in his life : “What is the secret of Apple?”

“Stay hungry!!! Stay foolish!!!”

We know all too well. It is Steve Job’s famous commencement speech at Stanford. He hoped that all of the graduates went on with their lives in various fields, keeping in mind the saying. My high school are always hanging up this quote in Korea. There was once a craze for Steve Jobs in South Korea. So I searched for it.

Steve Jobs(1955~2011) : Wild College Life

 He has a variety of experience in high school. It is mainly the counterculture movement. Counterculture is a subculture differ substantially from those of mainstream society. It divided into Romanticism (1790–1840), Bohemianism (1850–1910), Beat Generation (1944–1964), hippie subculture(1964–1974). He interested in many books of different fields, not only science and heard a lot of music. And in particular he loved <King Lear> and <Moby-Dick,>, Dylan Thomas poem.

After proceeding to university, Steve Jobs doesn’t like provisions of the school that students must complete core subjects. How did he do? So Jobs dropped out of college in one semester. It’s cool. I love it. The reason of dropping out is also cool. He feel guilty about parents that paid a hefty tuition for valueless classes. And the great thing is that Jobs persuade a head resident to be able to stay in dormitory. For the next 18 months, Jobs attend lectures freely. After He works for a computer game company.

What is the secret of Apple?

 Soon after joining a company, he studied Buddhism more deeply through the Indian Himalayan trip for a long time. It is told that he reached a significant level. Jobs said, “the Buddhism is one of the most important thing in my life” I think It was the most impressive thing in Steve’s life.  There are also those who say that It is a source of Apple. Mentally Jobs was always count on Kobun Chino Otogawa, a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk. What do you think the secret is? No matter how many I just read the bestseller, nothing has happened. So I am still looking for the answer. I want to enhance my competitiveness in the world. I want to find the value unchanged. Through this blog, I must find the answer.

Good luck 🙂

“Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?” – Jobs say to John Sculley

Power of Words : “We become what we think about”

Pygmalion effect

It happens to ours

Do you know Pygmalion effect? It is same as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. The Pygmalion effect is named after the Greek myth of Pygmalion. Pygmalion is a sculptor who made the most beautiful woman. He called her Galatea and loved her more than anyone else. Moved by his true love, Aphrodite give life to Galatea. So, The Pygmalion effect is that you can realize your hopes and expectations if you continue to harbor faith. It said power of words.

It can be summarized as ‘We become what we think about.’ The reason I said is that This is our story. That’s it. It happens to our friends. However, difference is that who recognise it or not. There are people who know the power of words and people who don’t know. If you don’t know it, you can be swayed by words. Of course, maybe you can live very well. But I had a hard time. That’s why I write.

One must live the way one thinks or end up thinking the way one has lived. – Paul Bourget

Culture : Powerful Inner strength

If power of words is to be more powerful, you know what happens? It creates ‘Culture’. It change neighborhood’s views and lifestyles. Confucius created  the Confucian culture. Now, Confucianism is the essence of Eastern culture. In the past, I don’t know why Confucianism is the essence. Why do we think that just one person’s words are so important? He is just a man like us. How powerful his inner strength is! Even 2,500 years later, It still survives. The same is true in Buddhism and Christian culture.

One man that has a mind and knows it can always beat ten men who havent and dont. – George Bernard Shaw

The Words Carved in me

Do you have any words that moved you without recognition? This is what we have to do. we must find it.  It is so difficult because it’s too dark to recognize. But Culture can be hints. Also educational environment and home environment is influential to ours. We need to look deep into ourselves. Two percent of the people think, Three percent of the people think they think, and Ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.(George Bernard Shaw) I want to ‘think’. I think ‘philosophy’ is to learn how to think logically. For the next time, we are going deep into ours. Let’s find ‘words’ ourselves.

Those who can’t change their minds can’t change anything. – George Bernard Shaw

Good luck 🙂

Letters to Me : It is who I am #3

Long time no see

Are you OK? I wanted to ask you about it. But I don’t want to ask what happened.

Long time no see. How’s it going? Meanwhile it seemed that many things happened. Are you OK? I wanted to ask you about it. But I don’t want to ask what happened. But you’re already doing that to yourself, right? I know that I can’t stop to compare with others. HAHAHA.

It is who I am

I don’t have confidence in myself, you know?

Am I greedy? I suppose so. And I don’t have confidence in myself, you know? I’m not good with being vulnerable. Maybe that’s why I am a softy. In the past, I had much to say. I want to look better but I am not good. I did’t do anything and I just were waiting. Why am I so stupid now? HAHAHA.

Even so, I never stop a moment

I tried and I will keep trying. But it is often not easy. I want to succeed. I want to achieve. I have nothing so I desperately want it. Looking back, I think I didn’t wish hard enough. But I tried. I want to try with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind and with all my strength. I just don’t want to regret. I just want to be praised by my family. I just only want that.

There is still many road to walk. Everything is your choice. I live with the consequences, so must you. Let’s do this now and never regret it. You and me could be great. We need to have more confidence. Good luck!! 🙂

The flow of Western philosophy : Simply Focusing on Keywords

The beginning of Western philosophy

What do you think about ‘Philosophy’? I thought… philosophy is really cool. I want to be a philosopher. But…. you know. It’s very hard. I can’t understand anything. Wow… This philosophy books went over my head. After that, I was no longer interested in Western philosophy.

I think ‘philosophy’ is to learn how to think logically. Kant also made a similar remark. Are we thinking really? Have you ever thought? Let’s find out what ‘thinking’ is.

Socrates : Real philosopher

The beginning of the philosophy is the Socrates. PreSocratic philosophers focused on the natural world. But Socrates, sophists focused on man. Everybody knows Socratic method. It is very famous. Many entrepreneurs take advantage of it usefully. Because it go to the heart of the human nature. It can be applied anywhere.

It is like that Socrates defined philosophy as “to love wisdom”. The word philosophy comes from ancient Greece. ‘Philo-’ means ‘to love’. ‘sophy’ means ‘wisdom’.

He sacrificed his life to protect values. He verified again and again. “How to live well?” He asked again and again. What is ‘well’? What is ‘death’? Hmm… What is the best value? Can we compare values? He always talked with people on market and on street anywhere.

What’s the end of the conversation? It always resulted in Aporia. ‘Aporia’ means a dead-end alley. Finally they told Socrates. “At first I think I knew that but now I don’t know anything at all.” By doing this, Athens think Socrates have evil magic. So kill him. But Socrates were not afraid at all. Because he decided it upon his life. He didn’t chicken out. For this reason, Socrates is called ‘Real philosopher’ Everybody realized philosopher is a great man.

Socrates & Plato & Aristotle

The amazing thing is that Socrates wrote nothing. Plato went apprentice after him at 20 years old. Socrates had many students, but Plato was his best student. Surprisingly, Socrates appear mainly in the Dialogs of Plato. Also Aristotle was Plato’s student. This three people made big changes.

“The saftest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of foodnotes to Plato” – Alfred North Whitehead <Process and Reality : An Essay in Cosmology>

Therefore Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were the most influential philosophers in Western philosophy. What do you think the flow of western philosophy is? We focused on the fundamentals. What’s the purpose of your reading? It is the most important. I want you to learn ‘How to think’. I think This is the philosophy. 🙂


South Korea, New Year’s Day : Generous & Colorful

Korean New year’s day

Do you know Korean traditional holiday? In Korea, there are four traditional holidays: New Year’s Day, Hansik, Dano, and Chuseok. Funny thing is, the highest number of deliveries in Korea are made during New Year’s Day and Chuseok. Many people only see each other twice a year during the New Year’day and Chuseok. I love this holiday because I don’t go to school for a long days!! It is most nearly five days. New Year’s Day is the end of January. Chuseok is the beginning of October.

New Year’s Day in the world

The Chinese New Year is a 15-day holiday. It is also called Spring Festival. The redness are all over China. Why? Because red lantern is a symbol of good luck and fortune. Japan’s New Year’s Day is お正月. In Vietnam, Lunar New Year is widely known as Tet(Tết/節). The day before, everyone is busy to start cleaning the house in the morning. The house is full of energy. Songkran(สงกรานต์) festival is to celebrate Thailand’s New Year. It is like a Water Festival. The festival is full of vigor.

Traditional Festival foods

Funny thing is, People fret over the holidays about putting on the pounds after so many festive meals. It is very colorful. Of course, we will eat lots of delicious food! Picture is good than text.

I see you 🙂


How to write Planning document : Successfully Fascinatingly

“Manager James, Write a planning document by tomorrow”

“Manager James, Write a planning document by tomorrow”

A ‘planning document’ is always hard to me. Have you ever experienced that situation? James may thought ‘What should I do now? Oh, No! Maybe I could spend the night. It’s horrible.’ And James really stayed up all night. He gave his sincere planning document to Boss proudly. But in five minutes later, he got out of the room with a long face. Why? He got his fingers burned. Boss said “For what?  Stop! In a word? I do not feel it, not a bit! So what? So you think I should do this?” If I were him, I’d be out of my mind.

I write this column on the basis of this book. But this book ‘Standard procedure of the project‘ is only Korean edition. It‘s sad. This book is very pragmatic. It is made up of 4 parts. Here it is! ‘For what?’  ‘Stop! In a word?’ ‘I do not feel it, not a bit! So what?’ ‘So you think I should do this?’ It is an application of 4 MAT(Dr. Bernice McCarthy (USA)). Now, Let’s start!

“Why are you do that? For what?”

“Why are you do that? For what?”

Why is very important. We must prepare to this question. It’s a little bit too harsh. If we can live through this, we can live through anything. In a word, you can success when you are not working as planner. Everything is consumer-friendly. ‘Why do they need to do this?’ We must focus this! Do you know 5 Whys? The technique was formally developed by Sakichi Toyoda who is the founder of Toyota Industries. It said to us “When you are facing problems, try to repeat ‘Why?’ five times. If you do, you can see the real cause and do something real.” This is the first step.

“Stop! In a word?”

He may have a hot temper. In a word, it is a ‘Concept’. This one sentence must be written in their mind. It’s a good topic for conversation. “Why are you do that?” “Beause It’s meaningful!” “I want to see how Ive grown.” It can also be comforting. It sends message that It is not your fault. “Aha! It was not my fault… I’m relieved. If I just simply fix it, everything will be fine.”

“I do not feel it, not a bit! So what?”

It is important to draw a picture in opponent’s head. So far, analysis and concept is really good. But we still did not come up with any real things. Now all we have to do is to show things seemed to run already. Let us know the dialogue between moms in advance. Show twitter and facebook page in advance. All of this are predicting.

“So you think I should do this?”

“So you think I should do this?”

This is a finishing blow. Hearing about all these, he still hesitate to give a definite answer. Here, we need numbers. “What would happened if we did?60,000 students can see our brands. 180,000 people can change their life. It can add $10 million to us. It can be a successful transaction each other. Now, you can get out of the room satisfactorily.

Did you read well? Now is the time to initiate real planning. It will make you the best. Good luck to you. 🙂

Syrian Rebels won’t Attend Peace Talks

Syrian civil war is not end


Syrian civil war is approaching for the sixth consecutive year. The result of Syrian civil war is 450,000 deaths and 12 million refugees. This is so terrible. It seemed an awfully long time for Syrian people. On December 30th last year, the Syrian government forces and Syrian Rebels called a total cease-fire. On December 31th last year, the U.N. Security Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting Syria’s total cease-fire.

But volatile energy is happening again. Syrian Rebels won’t attend Peace Talks. Why? What’s certain is that It is not just Rebel’s fault.

Syrian Rebels claims bomb damage after the truce

According to British broadcasting BBC, many Syrian rebels issued a joint statement on January 2. “The alliance with government forces are in violation of a cease-fire agreement to continue the bombing.” These Syrian rebels stressed “If Syria Government forces continued to breach an agreement, Syrian rebels will suspend all discussions related to peace talks held in Astana, Kazakhstan.”

Syria Government forces attacked a Barada valley in northwest of Damascus. It is a strategic location that is in charge of Syrian capital’s main water supply.

Do you know the Wadi Barada media office? It is a civic group that report massive air strikes. Syrian Rebels added ‘There were at least nine times of air strikes form January 1st. 6 were killed and 73 were wounded.

What else can we do to stop War?

Have you ever fell in love? Yes or No? What do you do when you are in love? Someone can say “When I’m in love, I bet my life” and another can say “I am alive only when I love”. Can you see my point? 🙂

Peace is like ‘Love’. Here is the answer. There can be no peace without love. Do you bet your life? Can you say “I am alive only when I cry out for peace”? But that’s easier said than done.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. ” – Lev Tolstoy

 So we must change myself. 🙂 Good luck to you.