Itaewon Class l Netflix Korean Drama

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Itaewon Class l Netflix Korean Drama 이태원 클라쓰 유재명 오수아 박서준 박새로이 김다미 권나라 Yoo Jae-myung Park Seo-joon Park Sae-ro-yi Oh Soo-ah Netflix Kwon Nara Korean Drama Kim Da-mi Itaewon Class

Have you ever heard of this drama?
I watched episodes 1 to 3 these days. You can see it on Netflix. ahahaa

I’m holding it in because it’s so much fun. Now is the time to study, so I am concentrating on studying. So I watch it for 30 minutes whenever I have time. It’s so much fun, so I want to save it more.

Itaewon Class (Korean: 이태원 클라쓰) is a 2020 Korean drama starring Park Seo-joon (박서준), Kim Da-mi (김다미), Yoo Jae-myung (유재명) and Kwon Nara (권나라).

It is based on the webtoon of the same name. (Daum Webtoon) But there is only Korean. In fact, some say that dramas are not fun from episode 5 to 16. It is said that webtoons are much more interesting. But I haven’t seen it yet.

But I fell in love with the charm of this drama and watched it until the end.

Do you have a heart-fluttering goal? This song is honestly the best song in the drama and fits so well. I love this song so much. Why? It’s so uplifting like i could run towards my dreams.

Kwon Na Ra & Park Seo Joon

That girl is Kwon Nara (권나라). In the drama, her name is Oh Soo-ah (오수아). She is an orphan, supported by Jangga Group, and employed by Jangga Group. She is also Park Sae-ro-yi(박새로이, Park Seo-joon)’s first love. She is the reason why i watch this drama. She’s so pretty. Really pretty. olalla

Take a look. You’ll lose track of time. 🙂

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It is her instagram. ‘이쁘게 나왔네’ means “Photographer took a pretty picture.”

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

The Reason Why We Think Peace Is Not Important

I was going to talk about the importance of peace, but I felt I didn’t have to mention it any more. Because we already know it too well.

In fact, this is out of the question of knowing. What is the problem?
First, say it clearly. This is neither your fault nor mine. It’s all our fault.

It is none of your business

Most of us are busy making ends meet. I am also busy living my life. We don’t have time to pay attention.

We have learned the word peace from textbooks and lectures. Also, we even donate to UNICEF or Doctors Without Borders. Get a job, have a family, and raise children. Get old with my spouse.

Our lives were not always happy, but moderately unhappy, sometimes happy. Ten years after my death, at least one person will remember me.

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE The Reason Why We Think Peace Is Not Important Why peace? The Reason Why We Think Peace Is Not Important Manheelee It's all our fault It is none of your business Importance of peace HWPL

There is very little room for peace in this general life. If there is any overlap of misfortunes, there is no more room. This is the reality.

No one can blame us for this reality

We don’t blame anyone else. We don’t call each other hypocrites.

Because we make up the majority of mankind. Compared to mankind as a whole, the people facing war are a minority.

We don’t have to worry every night that the bomb will blow up our house. We don’t have to worry about how to live after mom and dad die in the war.

So, we don’t think peace is important. No, we maybe think it’s important and we talk about importance of peace, but we usually live off the top of our head.

I’m sorry. This is real.
I don’t want to let a little girl in Syria know this reality.

Change actually takes a long time. But I know that the most substantial and short-lived peace organization has achieved great achievements. So, I’m also thinking about pinning my hopes on it this time.

This posting is just my opinion. I want to say that I really respect everyone who works hard and risking their lives for peace.

Thank you very much.

Ming Taylor

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!


* I’m telling you in advance that this is just my standard.
There is no basis for that. It’s just my cup of tea.

I once aimed to make my music list. Music tastes seem to change from time to time. In my early 20s, I liked music that was just exciting.

Now, it’s, like, more emotional.
Now I like music that fits my situation the best. I wish there was music playing then. I hope the music brings back memories.

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE TOP 5 POP MUSIC PLAYLIST TOP 5 POP MUSIC PLAYLIST TAKE A LOOK May I choose a song for you? KozyPop H녀 Playlist essential;

Have you seen the “Perks of Being a Wallflower” (film)? In the movie,
it’s a trend to record and give a list of songs to your liking on tape.

Let’s get started.

1. H girl Playlist

Thumbnail means “This song is crazy.” The thing I was most surprised about on this YouTube channel is that the background is too elaborate.

The mood and the lyrics of the song blend so well that it conveys meaning well. The time is short about 30 minutes per video. I like this channel best.

2. May I choose a song for you? Playlist

The channel name is “네고막을책임져도될까” in Korean. It means “Can I take responsibility for your eardrums ?” At first, I laughed a lot when I saw this.
I guess they couldn’t name the channel this way. ahahaa olalla

This channel really recommends music that fits the situation. You can know by the title like”Did you have a hard time today?”, “a lullaby whispering in your ear:)” and “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

3. TAKE A LOOK Playlist

The name of this video is “옆에 타 내가 운전은 못해도 노래는 기가 막히게 트니까.” It means “Ride next to me. I can’t drive, but I can play the music enormously.” I think it’s an extremely well-written title.

4. KozyPop Playlist

The title means “Do you have an appointment? Let’s get ready for 30 minutes. Tension UP Groove Pop (11songs)”

5. essential; Playlist

They upload very hard. Sometimes I get music that suits my taste.

It’s all. The best thing is that I make my own list.
It’s great that I can put meaning into it. See you next~

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

What is the Influence of the Coronavirus? in Afghanistan

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The influence of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is global.

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said today in a press briefing as the number of deaths from covid-19 passed 15,000.

The number of confirmed cases is more than 360,000, according to the map and dashboard from Johns Hopkins University, though the true number of cases will be much higher. (Source)

Today, we are going to look at the impact on Afghanistan among them.

Influence of the Coronavirus on Afghan

“Most worrying is that Iran has disregarded the Afghan government’s plea to restrict border crossings, with as many as 15,000 people still crossing into Afghanistan daily.

All of the 21 confirmed coronavirus cases in Afghanistan involved travelers who had returned from Iran, according to Wahidullah Mayar, a spokesman for the Afghan health ministry.” – NY times


A STEP TOWARDS PEACE What is the Influence of the Coronavirus? in Afghanistan WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Taliban Shaidahe Hospital in Herat pandemic NY times novel coronavirus Major Gulzar Kohi Johns Hopkins University HWPL DPCW COVID-19 Afghanistan Afghan
Wiki commons / Afghan family

Even at the Shaidahe Hospital in Herat, 38 patients attacked staff members, then fled the hospital as police stood by. (One of them is positive)

According to the New York Times article, there are many shocking things happening. They don’t know who has the coronavirus. To be honest, they may be nervous.

But the problem is that the virus is not the only problem. They are fighting another virus. Major Gulzar Kohi, who leads the Afghan Army unit in a restive district of northern Baghlan Province, said “Coronavirus be damned.” He hadn’t slept in two days.

“I am busy fighting another virus — the Taliban.”

The Taliban is a guerrilla force. They’re going to have a meeting in closed spaces across the country, and this seems very dangerous. And the troops to stop them will be in danger of COVID-19.

One might think of this as an opportunity, but I hope you will refrain from doing so for everyone’s happiness and health. There is a way to get what we want without fighting. The method is for us to support the international law called DPCW.

Not long after, DPCW will erase the war itself from human history. 🙂

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

South Sudanese Women are sowing Seeds of Peace with Ox Ploughs

What is the current situation in South Sudan?

Over seven million people — about two thirds of the population — are in need of aid, including around 6.9 million people experiencing hunger. Food security is expected to deteriorate more, with 7.7 million people estimated to face crisis levels of hunger. The ongoing conflict and insecurity have pushed millions to the brink of starvation for years. (MERCY CORPS statistics as of June 2019)

Due to persistent intercommunal violence, including cattle raids, revenge attacks and armed ambushes, many people in the region have been reduced to relying on relief aid.

Is there really no hope?

The more desperate man is, the stronger he becomes.

The first thing to do is to blame the system for creating this world imbalance, and then we’ll have to do what we do.

The Women is Strong

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE South Sudanese Women are sowing Seeds of Peace with Ox Ploughs UNMISS United Nations South Sudan Conflicts South Sudan Sans Frontieres Germany Samuel Owoko Ox ploughs Ms. Agor IWPG hwpl report hwpl profile HWPL FAQ DPCW Doing good better
UN Photo/Isaac Billy
A woman awaits her return flight home at the UNMISS terminal of the Juba airport.

This time, women gathered strength. With support from the UN mission in the country, UNMISS, ox ploughs were handed to women’s groups.

“The challenge they reported was a lack of implements to increase their food production. That’s how the ox plough idea was born,” said Samuel Owoko, a representative of Sans Frontieres Germany, the organization implementing the project.

They did really great things. In the book of ‘Doing Good Better’, companies spend a lot of money to help, but in reality they are not helpful and often get in the way.

Ms. Agor, the women’s group leader, said “We have been using hand hoes, and with that you can only do so much. With these ox ploughs coming in, we shall cultivate bigger areas which will help us sustain our families throughout the long dry spell.”

She also had a message for the national authorities: “We want our Government to make sure that there is enough security so that we can bring in our bulls and cultivate. Without peace, that will not be possible. Right now, the roads are full of armed youth. They should go away so that our men can safely return with their cattle”.


I wish they were happier.
As she said, the best way is to stop the conflicts. I would like to tell her country to support the DPCW, the international law of peace. This is the perfect answer to peace.

I want to tell the women’s group again. The power of women is enormous! If the voices of 3.7 billion women around the world come together, no one will be able to stop them. IWPG will help you. 🙂

I sincerely hope that there will be peace in South Sudan.

Peace is up to you 🙂 Good luck!

How can Cameroon achieve peace?

First, we need a basic understanding of the country of Cameroon.

On December 2018, the United States assistant secretary of state for African affairs, Tibor Nagy, raised the issue of Cameroon as among the world’s most dire conflicts, stating: “I fear that [the crisis] could get much, much worse.”

The United Nations conservatively estimates that the ongoing conflict has killed more than 3 000 people and displaced nearly 700 000 more in the Anglophone regions, a staggering number that comprises about 20% of our country’s population. Most recently, on February 14, about two dozen villagers, including 14 children and a pregnant woman, were massacred in the village in the northwest region.


In fact, this is a really difficult problem. How many people died, and why did they die? The difference between ideology and thought… The resentment and anger of it do not go away. 🙁

We don’t need Violence and Weapons

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE How can Cameroon achieve peace? Tibor Nagy Peace education Maurice Kamto Manheelee Legislate Peace Campaign IWPG IPYG hwpl report hwpl profile HWPL FAQ HWPL Cameroon

So what the hell should we do? Should we just stay still? Should we turn away because we don’t know anything? What should never be done is the attitude of maintaining the status quo.

If you look at the reference article, I agree with Maurice Kamto, the president of the opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement and a former political prisoner in Cameroon, in part.

His second plan is that the violence on both sides must end today. I totally agree with this. Talks cannot begin without the elimination of violence and weapons. Other than that, his arguments include building infrastructure like hospital schools, setting the stage for dialogue and reforming the election system.

It is a proposal that seems to be effective. But I thought this was not enough. I think “civil society” is the key. The bottom-up approach is more effective than the top-down one. And that power is incredibly powerful.

It was a international peace NGO called HWPL that showed me this powerful force. I thought it was impossible to achieve peace.

Imagine if you were a little girl in a town in Cameroon. Can we expect peace to be achieved? No, we live in anxiety every day. Then, we find a little happiness, and we will feel satisfied. We thought this was life. This is so tragic. But peace was not difficult, and furthermore it was not impossible.

HWPL brings people from all over the world together as ‘ONE.’ They shout from time to time, “WE ARE ONE! WE ARE ONE!” As if a powerful hurricane had passed, they establish a strong peace in the place that had passed. Voice of one is not enough to achieve peace, but voice as one is enough to do so.

Their plans are concrete and feasible. You can feel that it is the answer to peace. I recommend you to check for yourself.

I sincerely hope that peace will come to Cameroon.


your friends,
Ming Talyor

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

Book Review l The Third Door by Alex Banayan

I wonder if there was another book that shocked me this strongly.

Do you know “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki? I was sucked into this book about three years ago. Since then, I have read more than 100 books, but none of them are this shocking.

After that, I met “The Third Door.”

The first time I saw the book was because I was on YouTube and saw a video that someone strongly recommended the book. While searching for books, he became more attracted to me because he was a medical student like me.

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Book Review l The Third Door by Alex Banayan The Third Door Elliott Bisnow Book Review Alex Banayan

Let me quote a book. “Success in life, business or almost any field you choose, is like getting into a nightclub. There are always three doors: The first door is the main entrance, where almost everyone queues, waiting and hoping to get in. The second door is the VIP door, where the celebrities and billionaires slip straight through. And then there’s the third door.”

I didn’t even know what this meant at first. On the other hand, I thought it was ridiculous. Because I’m 99% human. But I felt a lot of things when I finished reading the book in 8 hours and wrote down the part I liked for 5 hours again the next day.

I wanted to live like him! I felt an overflowing desire to challenge.
I am going to explain three impressive parts of his book.

1. Miserably Repeated Rejection

I think this is the most charming point of this book. I was in pain with Alex Banayan as I read the book, and I was rejected with him. It’s like it’s going to work, but it’s not going to work. Things didn’t seem to work out well, but he did it beautifully in his new way.

I can’t say everything to prevent spoilers. Read for yourself. You’ll be able to feel a lot. Especially the experience in Omaha, I also shed tears together. You and your friends were really the best at the “Berkshire Hathaway, Annual Shareholder’s Meeting.” I clapped and cheered together.

2. Solving problems in your own way

He met with beings with enormous insight, read numerous books, and tried to find answers. There was also a lot of help, but he solved the problems one by one in a really groundbreaking way. I won’t say much more to purposely wonder. 🙂

There is a quiz. What did he learn most from? Who? Bill Gates..?
The answer is almost at the end of the book.

3. Elliott Bisnow, DREAM MENTOR

He has greatly increased the size of Alex’s life itself. Thinking and acting were all huge scale. As I read the book, I wondered if this book would have been born, if he hadn’t been a mentor. He became a friend and a brother.

He was a great man who met so many familiar people by name. What he did as a early 20s was amazing, too. It occurred to me that I could never do it.

I hope I have such a mentor, and I want to challenge myself.
I will send 30 e-mails right now. Ahahaa 🙂

I hope you learn many things from this book, too.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

Top 5 Videos about HWPL

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Top 5 Videos about HWPL WHO WARP Summit Peacelaw pandemic novel coronavirus Media Facade IWPG IPYG Card Section IPYG HWPL ECOSOC DPCW COVID19 2018 HWPL World Peace Summit

HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) is an international peace NGO, registered with the United Nations and is now Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

In 2017, about 1,000,000 People are walking for peace in 106 Cities in 41 Countries. Unlike most peace organizations, the results of each year are considered great. They are trying to bring a new international law to the United Nations soon.

I brought up to top five videos that I have seen so far. 🙂

1. Media Facade 2019

It’s an art…

2. IPYG Card Section Performance 2019

3. Card Section of 12,126 People 2018

They are all volunteers. Is it possible?

4. 2018 HWPL World Peace Summit

Parades are also tremendously attractive, and the speeches of former presidents are touching. I definitely recommend seeing it.

5. Media Facade 2017

I think HWPL has the answer to peace. The power of HWPL is best represented by the slogan “We are one!” There is nothing we can’t do if we’re one mind to solve everything.

But the world is now so confused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). There is no one at street, everyone stays at home. Even WHO declared novel coronavirus disease a pandemic. (more than 121,000 cases in 118 countries)

At times like this, if we try for quarantine in one mind without blaming anyone without discrimination, we will all survive. 🙂

P.S my heartfelt condolences to all the families who lost loved ones…

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

Asthma l Brief Medical Study

Allergology and Clinical Immunology

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Asthma l Brief Medical Study Triggers Risk factors Prevalence Diagnosis Definition COVID-19 Clinical Immunology Asthma-like Symptoms Asthma Allergology

After starting school on Monday, I took four classes. COVID-19 has replaced all of them with online lectures. I took two courses in allergology and clinical immunology.

Today, I’m going to summarize a little bit about asthma.


  • 300 million people worldwide
  • Global prevalence: 1 – 18% of population
  • Childhood (M > F), after puberty (M < F), adulthood (M < F)
  • Asymptomatic during adolescence → return during adult


  • Sx: dyspnea, cough, wheezing, chest tightness
  • Chronic airway inflammation
  • Reversible airflow obstruction
  • Airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR)
  • Heterogeneous disease
  • Syndrome

Risk factors

  • Atopy
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Infection [respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), atypical bacteria]
    → hygiene hypothesis
  • Diet (low in antioxidants & omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, high in sodium & omega-6 polyunsaturated fats, vitamin D deficiency)
  • Air pollution
  • Allergens
  • Occupational exposure
  • Obesity


  • Allergen
  • Virus infection (rhinovirus, RSV, coronavirus)
    → Atypical bacteria
  • Pharmacologic agent [beta blocker, angiotensin-converting enzyme
  • inhibitor (ACEI), aspirin]
  • Exercise
  • Physical factor (cold air, hyperventilation, laughter, hot weather, weather change, strong smells, perfume)
  • Food additive (metabisulfite, tartrazine)
  • Air pollution
  • Occupational factor
  • Hormones (premenstrual worsening of asthma, thyrotoxicosis & hypothyroidism)
  • Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)
  • Stress (not very severe stress)

Asthma-like Symptoms

  • Do you often catch a cold?
  • Do you cough for more than a month if you catch a cold?
  • Do you cough and wake up at 1 or 2 AM?
  • Is it accompanied by a wheezing during normal breathing or prolonged phase of forced exhalation?
  • Do you have difficulty breathing when you exercise?
  • Nose : rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps
  • Do you have a family history for allergic diseases?

If this medical information violates copyright, I’ll have it erased immediately. I wrote it down for personal study, so please be generous.

In fact, most of them come out when you search for them. If you have symptoms like asthma, make sure to visit a nearby hospital!

If you need professional knowledge,

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

Medical Student VLOGs on Youtube

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Medical Student VLOGs on Youtube 갱이Gani Sydney University SNU Medicine Sebastian Pirie Medical student vlogs medical student King's College London Kharma Medic

These are the vlogs I sometimes watch. Something motivates me, and it makes me feel good. I hope it will be the same experience for you.

1. 갱이Gani (eng sub), SNU Medicine

She is really pretty. There is a saying as a joke. Pretty actors, like Seo Hyunjin, Lee Sungkyung, appear in “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim,” a popular Korean drama.

While watching the drama, I wondered if there would be anyone who can be a doctor with this look, but there really was… lol

2. Kharma Medic, King’s College London

It’s a video that has a visual beauty. He is a sensible artist.

3. Sebastian Pirie, Sydney University

He is funny and humorous. He also often gives useful information. 🙂

Don’t you hate too much? I like simplicity best! I will end it here!

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!