Happy New Year 2021 around the World

A new year has begun. How are you doing?

I see what celebrations have been held in each country. This time, everyone broadcasted online because of the coronavirus.

Let’s watch it on YouTube!

There are New Zealand, Scotland, Australia, Berlin, Japan, Paris, Dubai, Thailand.

It’s so beautiful. I think I’ll be able to start the year with energy. Looking back on last year, did I live without regrets? At least I feel like I’m trying.

I am in my hometown, Korea these days. The country used drone technology to hold a commemorative event and it was so good. Scotland above also used drones, so I brought the Korean video.

Most of them responded well. They said it’s cool. It is a collaboration between Hyundai and BTS. Background music is “I’m on it – BTS” I also think it’s art…

I hope you make new plans for this year and be happy.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!