I Live Alone: Girl’s Secret Party 2020 (Spicy)

What I want to say first is that it’s really funny!

But the clothes and makeup are so powerful that you need to be a little careful. It’s really funny if you keep looking!

The three long members of “Home Alone”, one of the best MBC’s variety show, gather again! Girls’ secret party received explosive responses from viewers last fall and now it begins once more by Han Hye Jin’s call-up.

Expectations are high on what kind of different joy girls will present this time. A special home party at “Na Rae Bar” to celebrate Park Na Rae’s birthday! We invite you to this fun and unique party! (Source: Viki)

There is an organization called Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) in Korea, so it is not too stimulating. However, this program is spicy because it only broadcasts on YouTube. I think that’s why they’re more popular.

Someone said “can’t stop laughing the whole episode!! LOL! they’re hilarious.. Georgina, Samantha, Maria… this is the secret party!”

I hope you’re happy to see this today. 🙂

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[Korean Culture] Fashion Designer ‘Milanonna’ YouTube Channel

Jang Myung-suk, a 68-year-old fashion youtuber Milanonna who is emerging as a 2030 role model.
This is the first woman from Korea to go to Milan, Italy, and has been a fashion designer and cultural coordinator between Korea and Milan for over 40 years.

She said “I like challenges, and YouTube became one.”

She did not plan on launching a YouTube channel until personnel from Naver suggested on doing so.

“I had a keen relationship with my grandmother,” she said. “That is why I named my channel mila_no_nna, short for Milano nonna – nonna meaning grandmother. I hope people watch my video comfortably as if listening to stories from their grandmother.”

“I once commented that I do not want people’s clicks on my videos to be in vain,” she said.
“By disclosing stories about my life, I hope people will feel comforted, regain hope, laugh, and for those who are interested, learn more about Europe.”

Source: https://evoice.ewha.ac.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=10248

If there is a problem with copyright, I will delete it right away.

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[Korean Culture] Minature Cooking by Mini Forest

Do you know pork belly? Samgyeopsal(삼겹살) in Korean. This channel (Mini Forest) is amazing.. Especially sound…

Listening to ASMR will make you hungry right away.

I was so surprised at the details when I first saw this video. Even the vegetables are small!! Do you know the borrowers? Or Gulliver’s Travels?

When I watch the video, I feel like I’ve become that kind of person. This is a woman in her 50s, and I’m looking forward to seeing how big this channel will grow in the future.

I was surprised once that the chicken was fried so well, and twice in the beam project.

This is a traditional Korean food. Everyone knows this. Especially, middle and high school students eat it often.

It’s a very small world, but strangely enough, it gives me healing.

I hope today will be another day without corona blue!

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[Korean Culture] BeginAgain Korea – “Sohyang”

Kim So-hyang (Korean: 김소향, born April 5, 1978), credited as Sohyang, is a South Korean singer known for her controlled, skillful, and developed voice who has been dubbed by the international media as the “Korean Mariah Carey”.

According to Sohyang, her goal is to use her voice to comfort people who are going through difficult times. Sohyang is also an author of fiction, who has published multiple fantasy novels since 2013, the most well-known of them being Crystal Castle and Anaxion.

Season 4, also known as Begin Again Korea (비긴어게인 코리아) as there is no overseas travelling involved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, starred Lee So-ra (who appeared in Season 1), Henry, Lee Su-hyun (Akdong Musician), Hareem (who appeared in Seasons 2 and 3), Jukjae (who appeared in Season 3), Crush, Jung Seung-hwan and Sohyang.

Crush temporarily left the show after episode 3 and returned from episode 8, Lee Hi joined from episode 4 to 6 (plus episode 10), Lee So-ra left after episode 5, and Sohyang joined from episode 6.

Someone said “Sohyang is a incredible singers who absorbed any types of music and made it her own. 5 stars always.”

Another said “She is just on another level. She’s soooo perfect! I have chills all over my body!!”

I really recommend it, too. Her voice is really touching.

Be careful of Corona Blue and have a happy day today!

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[Korean Culture] YooA (OH MY GIRL) 1st Mini Album [Bon Voyage]

YooA (Hangul: 유아) whose birth name was Yoo Yeon-joo (Hangul: 유연주) and then legally changed her name to “Yoo Shi-ah” (Hangul: 유시아) was one of the lead vocalists and one of the group’s main dancers OH MY GIRL.

Oh My Girl (Korean: 오마이걸, also stylized as OH MY GIRL and OMG) is a South Korean girl group formed by WM Entertainment. The group is composed of seven members: Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie and Arin.

Someone said “She’s like a nature fairy. She glows and it’s like she’s flying in the MV. YooA’s just perfect and stunning.”

Another said “her voice is so Magically Pure and throughout this MV I realised that she brought kpop genre to the whole next level.”

The title track “Bon Voyage” has a magical vibe and evokes feelings of being inside nature. YooA noted that it could be considered a unique song. “It’s a very dreamlike and mystical song, but the chorus has a kind of jungle vibe that changes the mood of the song,” she explained.

“You might feel that it’s dynamic and fresh. I thought it would be nice if you could feel comforted in hard times by thinking of Mother Nature.”

Reference: https://www.soompi.com/article/1424155wpp/oh-my-girls-yooa-talks-about-receiving-encouragement-from-members-thoughts-on-groups-success-and-more

As this album marks her official solo debut, YooA said she felt very nervous, explaining, “I couldn’t even sleep. I’m not usually the type to get nervous, but I was.” However, she said that after promoting as a member of Oh My Girl for five to six years, she used the opportunity to work hard to fill up the stage with her own presence.(If you want to know more)

As a fan of OH MY GIRL, I hope YooA will do well! But it’s already going well, so I think there’s only time left for me to be happy!

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LEE SUHYUN – Reflection ㅣDisney’s Mulan

Mulan is a 2020 American action drama film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is a live-action adaptation of Disney’s 1998 animated film of the same name, based on the Chinese folklore “The Ballad of Mulan”. The film stars Liu Yifei in the title role, alongside Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson An, Gong Li, and Jet Li in supporting roles

To save her ailing father from serving in the Imperial Army, a fearless young woman disguises herself as a man to battle northern invaders in China.

Lee Su-hyun sang the Korean version of “reflection” here, so I wanted to introduce it to you.

I like Korean, but I personally like the English version better.

Her voice is so pretty like a princess! It’s exactly Disney style!

I think Disney scouted her after watching this video.

It’s too bad to do just one thing, so I’ll put up the “Speechless” unaccompanied version (Aladdin Ost) and wrap it up. She’s the best.

Have a good day!

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[Korean Culture] “Shin Se-kyung sjkuksee” Youtube channel

Shin Se-kyung (신세경) is a South Korean actress, singer and model. She started as a child actress and had her breakthrough in 2009 with the sitcom High Kick Through the Roof.

The comments are so good. “I thought I’ll just be watching an ASMR pastry but there’s a lot more into this!”, “Hey didn’t you get hurt? When you fell from heaven…” ahahaha olalla

In 2019, Shin starred in the historical drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung, alongside Cha Eun-woo. And now she is filming a Korean drama (Run On) at JTBC.

Someone said “Her voice is so soft and smooth… will def. use if for my meditation”, “beautiful, hope you and your family are safe during coronavirus”, “You’re so beautiful… you are the first idol of my younger sister in all the movies she has watched.”

This is the video we asked her what we wanted to ask! Her video is really calming and her voice is…. soft and cute.. Have a good day!

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!