Peace Documentary, “Great Legacy in the Philippines”

  • Can’t there be no war and no quarrel?
  • To what extent can human selfishness destroy each other?
  • Whose job is it to endure the pain? Are they war-makers or ordinary citizens?

These three questions bother me so much. Even if you give an answer easily, the world does not change easily.

But as I have often said, as long as I like peace organizations, they actually change the world. The story was made into a documentary.

A documentary film about the international peacebuilding efforts for Mindanao in the Philippines, one the world’s long-term conflicts sparked by violence that left over 120,000 deaths and millions of displaced persons since the 1960s was released and screened in the Philippines.

A peace documentary titled “Great Legacy” premiered in a cinema in Davao City on the evening of September 6, 2022.

Davao City Mayor Sebastian Duterte congratulated by saying, “By showing people documentaries and films on peace, we may encourage more to be one with us in our peacekeeping and peacebuilding efforts for our communities.”

“When the light of peace shines in the hearts of people,
it becomes the light that never fades away”

In the film, the former chairperson of the UN Human Rights Commission of the United Nations said that the civil peace agreement in 2014 is an “amazing case of realization of peace that the world should study”.


A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Peace Documentary, "Great Legacy in the Philippines" Philippines Mindanao Peace Monument Mindanao MILF Great Legacy

Someone said “Seeing the Filipinos cheering, I felt the sincerity of the peace activities. Especially, the scene where people’s appearance changed from religious strife to harmony was really touching.”

If you have a chance, it would be nice to see it. It seems to me that peace is not far away. Actually, we just need to change a little bit, but we don’t seem to be trying to change. In fact, we can. If we become one.