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Kim So-hyang (Korean: 김소향, born April 5, 1978), credited as Sohyang, is a South Korean singer known for her controlled, skillful, and developed voice who has been dubbed by the international media as the “Korean Mariah Carey”.

According to Sohyang, her goal is to use her voice to comfort people who are going through difficult times. Sohyang is also an author of fiction, who has published multiple fantasy novels since 2013, the most well-known of them being Crystal Castle and Anaxion.

Season 4, also known as Begin Again Korea (비긴어게인 코리아) as there is no overseas travelling involved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, starred Lee So-ra (who appeared in Season 1), Henry, Lee Su-hyun (Akdong Musician), Hareem (who appeared in Seasons 2 and 3), Jukjae (who appeared in Season 3), Crush, Jung Seung-hwan and Sohyang.

Crush temporarily left the show after episode 3 and returned from episode 8, Lee Hi joined from episode 4 to 6 (plus episode 10), Lee So-ra left after episode 5, and Sohyang joined from episode 6.

Someone said “Sohyang is a incredible singers who absorbed any types of music and made it her own. 5 stars always.”

Another said “She is just on another level. She’s soooo perfect! I have chills all over my body!!”

I really recommend it, too. Her voice is really touching.

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