[Korean Culture] Fashion Designer ‘Milanonna’ YouTube Channel

Jang Myung-suk, a 68-year-old fashion youtuber Milanonna who is emerging as a 2030 role model.
This is the first woman from Korea to go to Milan, Italy, and has been a fashion designer and cultural coordinator between Korea and Milan for over 40 years.

She said “I like challenges, and YouTube became one.”

She did not plan on launching a YouTube channel until personnel from Naver suggested on doing so.

“I had a keen relationship with my grandmother,” she said. “That is why I named my channel mila_no_nna, short for Milano nonna – nonna meaning grandmother. I hope people watch my video comfortably as if listening to stories from their grandmother.”

“I once commented that I do not want people’s clicks on my videos to be in vain,” she said.
“By disclosing stories about my life, I hope people will feel comforted, regain hope, laugh, and for those who are interested, learn more about Europe.”

Source: https://evoice.ewha.ac.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=10248

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[Korean Culture] Han Ye-seul Youtube Vlog

Han Ye-seul is an American-born South Korean actress. It was not long before she made a YouTube.

I am happy to see her daily life. 🙂

While I am on a diet these days, I have been on YouTube. I didn’t bring her other videos to the copyright issue, but they are worth seeing!

Is your day like a movie? Maybe so. We don’t know if it’s just a movie.

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