Book Review l The Third Door by Alex Banayan

I wonder if there was another book that shocked me this strongly.

Do you know “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki? I was sucked into this book about three years ago. Since then, I have read more than 100 books, but none of them are this shocking.

After that, I met “The Third Door.”

The first time I saw the book was because I was on YouTube and saw a video that someone strongly recommended the book. While searching for books, he became more attracted to me because he was a medical student like me.

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Book Review l The Third Door by Alex Banayan The Third Door Elliott Bisnow Book Review Alex Banayan

Let me quote a book. “Success in life, business or almost any field you choose, is like getting into a nightclub. There are always three doors: The first door is the main entrance, where almost everyone queues, waiting and hoping to get in. The second door is the VIP door, where the celebrities and billionaires slip straight through. And then there’s the third door.”

I didn’t even know what this meant at first. On the other hand, I thought it was ridiculous. Because I’m 99% human. But I felt a lot of things when I finished reading the book in 8 hours and wrote down the part I liked for 5 hours again the next day.

I wanted to live like him! I felt an overflowing desire to challenge.
I am going to explain three impressive parts of his book.

1. Miserably Repeated Rejection

I think this is the most charming point of this book. I was in pain with Alex Banayan as I read the book, and I was rejected with him. It’s like it’s going to work, but it’s not going to work. Things didn’t seem to work out well, but he did it beautifully in his new way.

I can’t say everything to prevent spoilers. Read for yourself. You’ll be able to feel a lot. Especially the experience in Omaha, I also shed tears together. You and your friends were really the best at the “Berkshire Hathaway, Annual Shareholder’s Meeting.” I clapped and cheered together.

2. Solving problems in your own way

He met with beings with enormous insight, read numerous books, and tried to find answers. There was also a lot of help, but he solved the problems one by one in a really groundbreaking way. I won’t say much more to purposely wonder. 🙂

There is a quiz. What did he learn most from? Who? Bill Gates..?
The answer is almost at the end of the book.

3. Elliott Bisnow, DREAM MENTOR

He has greatly increased the size of Alex’s life itself. Thinking and acting were all huge scale. As I read the book, I wondered if this book would have been born, if he hadn’t been a mentor. He became a friend and a brother.

He was a great man who met so many familiar people by name. What he did as a early 20s was amazing, too. It occurred to me that I could never do it.

I hope I have such a mentor, and I want to challenge myself.
I will send 30 e-mails right now. Ahahaa 🙂

I hope you learn many things from this book, too.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!