Nobel peace prize : Colombia peace agreement “It is passed. Now remaining task is ‘implementation’


Nobel peace prize : Colombia peace agreement “It is passed. Now remaining task is ‘implementation’


Do you remember ‘2016 Nobel peace prize’? Santos president win the Nobel peace prize. Why? The Nobel committee support ‘Colombia peace agreement’. I introduce the reason why It is rejected. They failed to consider the victims’ anger. The problem is that they are too generous to FARC(Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia).

I expect They all discussed everything and ironed out the details. So They All will agree.

But How about now?

Santos government only passed Colombia peace agreement by parliamentary vote instead of The referendum. The agreement was carried by a unanimous vote. The opponents are not appearing to protest. They say “Colombia people refuse it. How can the Congress approve it?”(according to AFP)

Such reasons, Some pointed out that there are limitations to this agreement.


Now ‘implementation’ is important. Success or failure depends on how much disarming FARC are protected. There are many such an opinion.

I think They more need conversations for their anger than protection of their enemy. Citizens will be further anger if they do things in this way. They should not think that people are a fool.  Who win hearts and minds will achieve peace. 

Culture sure will lead world to peace. Let’s give peace to our mind. I think It is better to make new culture for Colombia. I get this idea from HWPL(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light). Isn’t this word itself amazing? From what I know Asian culture, American culture and popular culture is all.


It is Heavenly Culture.

HWPL(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) are very good at peace work. Their execution skills are amazing.

I want to soothe Colombia victim’s anger. 🙂

I will show you!!!

New Culture sure will achieve peace!!!


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  1. Show was great and was nice to revisit the theme last night – deelhgtid I found your blog and have been poking around to check out your older recipes (pleased you have a book coming out!)!

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