Is it possible Aspirin treat Cancer?


The willow tree & Aspirin

  The poor soul sat sighing by a sycamore tree, sing all a green willow: Her hand on her bosom, her head on her knee, sing willow, willow, willow. (William Shakespeare) The willow tree! You maybe know its health effect. It is known for at least 2,400 years ago. Aspirin, also known as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), is a medication used to treat pain, fever, or inflammation. It is a sort of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

Aspirin action of mechanism

Aspirin inhibits COX-1&2. COX(Cyclooxygenase) makes ‘Arachidonic acid’ become ‘Prostaglandin(PG)’. PG  induces ultimately your fever.  It plays a role in pain, fever, swelling. If aspirin inhibits COX, we can’t produce PG. So it works. Anti-inflammation is not the only effect of Aspirin. It also helps cardiovascular disorders. Why? It related COX-1&2. COX-1 makes TXA2(thromboxane A2) and COX-2 makes PGI2(Prostacyclin). TXA2 activates platelets to aggregate and induces vasoconstriction. But Prostacyclin is a thrombolytic vasodilator. Is it in collision with? Nope. Low dose of Aspirin only inhibits COX-1. So it can be helpful.

Aspirin in cancer prevention

  There are many studies that Aspirin is effective against cancer. Is it a cure-all? But for a decade, they didn’t know how it worked. On 1 January 2017, Researchers from Oregon Health & Science University and Oregon State University found that Aspirin doesn’t affect cancer cell, but affect plateletOwen McCarty said “During their transit in the blood, circulating tumor cells interact with platelets, which spur tumor cell survival by activating oncoproteins such as c-MYC. The inhibition of platelets with aspirin therapy reduces this signaling between platelets and tumor cells, thus indirectly reducing tumor cell growth.”

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