[Korean Culture] Paik’s Cuisine, Baek Jong-won

Baek Jong-won is a South Korean chef, food researcher, entertainer, writer, essayist and businessman. He is the main host of the SBS’s cooking television series which have the titles attached to his name: Baek Jong-won’s Top 3 Chef King, Baek Jong-won’s Food Truck and currently Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant.

In brief, Baek Jong-won is a Gordon Ramsay in Korea. Although he doesn’t swear as much as Gordon, he criticizes many people, correcting their problems and boosting sales.

Kimchi jjigae

Kimchi bokkeumbap

If you have a friend who likes Korean food, kimchi stew (김치찌개, kimchi jjigae) and kimchi fried rice (김치볶음밥, kimchi bokkeumbap) are essential! It tastes better than I thought!

Watching this channel, I thought about having a hobby of cooking. Have a happy day!

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!