[Korean Culture] Minature Cooking by Mini Forest

Do you know pork belly? Samgyeopsal(삼겹살) in Korean. This channel (Mini Forest) is amazing.. Especially sound…

Listening to ASMR will make you hungry right away.

I was so surprised at the details when I first saw this video. Even the vegetables are small!! Do you know the borrowers? Or Gulliver’s Travels?

When I watch the video, I feel like I’ve become that kind of person. This is a woman in her 50s, and I’m looking forward to seeing how big this channel will grow in the future.

I was surprised once that the chicken was fried so well, and twice in the beam project.

This is a traditional Korean food. Everyone knows this. Especially, middle and high school students eat it often.

It’s a very small world, but strangely enough, it gives me healing.

I hope today will be another day without corona blue!

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!