Internal branding : Your Identity? through Louis Quatorze


Internal branding : Your Identity

  In last posting, Identity of company is the most important thing to succeed. Always I think it is hard to me. What is my identity? I don’t know who I am. Who are you? Often adults are said to blame teenagers for their wandering. “Work at the time! You are wandering because of your weak will!” Let’s dig into adults. Do adults know about themselves? In fact, Nope. The difference is that they cover themselves for a long time. So they are more angry. It is called a projection in psychological terms. Teenagers cannot help wandering to look for identity.

What about company?

  Company is the same thing for human. Like babies, we should raise the company well. we should build brand image one by one. When branding was reached some level, Its name reminds us of something. Apple is like a Apple and google is like a google. So far we’ve seen marketing in consumer’s view. It is a ‘External branding’. This time, what is important for CEO? If employees are not changed, It is no use advertising splendidly. You know that. People don’t change easily. So consumers feel the same thing as before. What good is it spending a great deal of money on advertising? It is a ‘Internal branding’. It is that each one of employees has the spirit of the company. Each one of employees is to be the company. It is called by ownership.

For example Louis Quatorze : LQ

  In Korea, MCM is a leader of hand bag market. Louis Quatorze followed MCM. LQ want to overtake. So, LQ make a slogan, “Intellectual elegance”. They educated all employees. They asked, “What is intellectual elegance?” Most companies are doing here. But LQ is different. They started a learning program for a year in earnest. Two-month interval for 6 times. The first is that you can see performance, play and movie, etc for free. You are needed to find who has ‘Intellectual elegance’ and write about why you think so. Second they are needed to read 2 books. They find and write pleasantly. One year later, they eat intellectually and they walk elegantly. It is same as RitzCarlton Hotel Company“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” This slogan makes employees more gentle. It is ‘Internal branding’.

I need to build my identity.

Peace is up to you 🙂 Good luck!


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