Little Peace girl : [Card Story] Go one step further


Little Peace girl : Go your one step further!

Little girl : Do you dislike getting hurt?

I : Sure

Little girl : You… don’t want to make your family or friends hurt, right?

I : Of course it is

Little girl : Do you want peace..?

I : You bet, who doesn’t like? Cute little girl, why do you ask?

Little girl : Boo hoo… I can’t find my sister Did you see?

I : Where did you lose your sister?

Little girl : Companies, bars and amusement park..

I : Oh god… All places are where there are many people. Why do those people don’t help to find?

Little girl : They are busy doing their work to do, busy getting drunk and busy dating girlfriends

I : What a pity! Is there anything that I can do for you?

Little girl : That’s right.

I : Eh? Say what?

Little peace girl : That’s the answer. My sister’s name is ‘Action’.

I : Ah.. that is why you ask…

Little peace girl : Now, you never forget my sister, Is it right?

Peace is up to you :0 Go one step further!


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