Jurgen Hinzpeter : We don’t forget you


A witness of the blue eyes : Truth

A Taxi Driver” is about taxi driver Kim Sa-bok who takes Jurgen Hinzpeter to Gwang-ju. At that time, Korean press controlled press reports that a riot arose in Gwang-ju. They reported “Every mob gathered in Gwangju. Also, it was ordered by North Korea.” But the citizens in Gwangju didn’t know anything. Phone communication with the outside have been cut off. Nobody could know the truth. “Suddenly there was a loud bang. Innocent people are dying.” Jurgen Hinzpeter was the first and only journalist to report this horrible scenes. He broadcasted it as “South Korea at Crossroads” to all over the world. He was called by ‘a witness of the blue eyes

History is moving, and it will tend toward hope, or tend toward tragedy. – George W. Bush

Jurgen Hinzpeter : We don’t forget you

  Edeltraut Brahmstaedt, the widow of German journalist Jurgen Hinzpeter, said “My husband was a righteous person who always sought justice. We thank the Gwang-ju people for upholding my husband’s wish to be buried here. He would be proud and thankful.” We don’t forget you. So we made a film ‘A taxi driver’ for him. It has more than ten million viewers now. Thank you very much indeed. Thank you. We can’t forget. Now the truth resounded through the world. Now, it is not a mob disturbance. It is the Gwang-ju Democratization Movement on May 18, 1980. Thank you.

A nation that forgets its past has no future.

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Letters to Me : Self reflection #6


The unexamined life is not worth living.  – Socrates

I got scold by the professor

was sitting peacefully at a desk at the time. But the professor shouted at me. “Who is that! You! You! Submit a letter of apology!” I was bitter. Why should I get scold? What did I do wrong? I thought  about it long and hard. The professor stood at the lectern and gave his lecture. The professor said, “The unexamined life is not worth living. A terrible group didn’t reflect themselves. A terrible group has many power in a terrible society. Do not overuse your power! We have to reflect and fix it.” It is about self reflection.

Self reflection : I was moved

Actually, I have criticized that terrible group who didn’t reflect. However, today, I realized something important. Neither do I. Do I reflect? Nope. I didn’t want to admit it. I didn’t want to say my fault. What’s different between they and I? Now I understand what Socrates said. What a cool person? What a wonderful world that would be! The shouting of professor brought me back to reality. I want to get scold more. Then I can do self reflection. It’s up to me. Good luck!

When we see men of worth, we should think of equaling them; when we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves. -Confucius

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Gap year mission : Like traveling everyday


I want live like traveling

Isn’t life boring? You may exhaust yourself on an endless treadmill to pay for rent and food. Sometimes I’m getting tired of the same routine. So we want to travel abroad! Just thinking about it makes you happy. We work hard for six months. Why? It’s only for a week to travel. Can’t we live like a traveling everyday? It is the reason why ‘Gap year mission‘ exists.

Gap year mission : Know yourself

What is ‘gap year’? I introduced it to you in last posting(Gap year project : Is it a Real ‘Gap year’?) But gap year is criticized by many people. Why? They ask what is different between traveling abroad and gap year. It is a very important point. There is one difference, of course. And this is the key to live like traveling. ‘Know yourself‘ It is the key. If you go abroad but don’t reflect, you don’t have a gap year. It is just traveling. If you don’t go abroad but reflect, you have a gap year. Gap year mission will make you think!

My gap year mission

  1. For a day give dear person a meaningful gift
  2. Click, click, click the shutter of a camera in all day today
  3. Be prettily dressed!!
  4. Got up at dawn to breathe clean early morning air
  5. Give time for me.
  6. Complete my bucket list
  7. Find out a short writing that affect my life.

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Peace education : Learning Revolution!


What kind of education are you under?

  You cannot help but be affected by the world around you. But people are unaware of it. Things that you are thinking now are not yours. If you are born in other country or to other parents, you are the same? Nope. You can’t chooseBut you can choose now! Not blame for! Just let’s talk together. Choice requires responsibility. In fact, my heart was heavy. Sometimes I am angry at my sense of powerlessness. But if you know more about our education, you can have the power! Watch this Ted video. Ken Robinson : “Bring on the learning revolution!” Why? I want to say about ‘Peace education‘.

Peace education : Abraham Lincoln

Why peace? Ken Robinson told a anecdote of Abraham Lincoln. in December 1862, he cry out “disenthrall” at the second annual meeting of Congress. January 1, 1863  he issued the Emancipation Proclamation that frees all slaves. They count down together. The revolution brought many changes. That’s what I want to say ‘Peace education’. Lincoln followed peace. So, it is powerful and it can be achieved. If we really want a learning revolution, we need peace education. It can teach ‘Love‘ and can ‘wake‘ you up. Peace is up to you. Please, don’t conform to your routine.

“As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country. –Abraham Lincoln

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The Australian saying and local language


The Australian saying and local language

I’ll introduce you 14 sayings. You will hear it very often in Australia. You will be no panic if you find out in advance. Actually I came to study in Australia. Now, I made many friends. But at first I was really hard. I can’t understand their saying and culture. They are people just like the rest. I wish you good luck and success in your work! There are a lot of wonderful things to see here!

14 Sayings

Australia : Throw another snag on the barbie!

USA : Put another sausage on the barbeque!


Australia :You’ve got Buckley’s!

USA :You’ve got no chance!

Australia :No worries!

USA :No problem

 Australia :vegemite

USA :concentrated yeast extract

Australia :Swimmers or fogs

USA : swimsuit

Australia :arvo

USA :afternoon

Australia :stubby

USA :can of beer

Australia :See you this arvo!!

USA :See you this afternoon

Australia :Chuck your six pack in the esky

USA : put your beers in the cooler

Australia :You little Beauty

USA :That’s great

Australia :swag

USA :waterproof, portable bed

Australia :thongs

USA :flip-flops

Australia : true blue

USA :genuine

Australia :The Kombi kicked the bucket in the Top End

USA : the kombi broke down in the Northern Territory!

from : the official Australian tourism website

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Dead White helmet : Peace is the path


Executed 7 Dead White helmet

It is really a shocking news. I have had an eye on Nobel Peace Prize candidates because I have a lot of interest in peace. What news? 7 members of ‘White Helmet‘ were killed by unidentified armed men. I don’t know how many. They were shot in the head. Do you know what it means? “Execution” What kind of crime? The international community is angry. It is even more because 7 members are private volunteers who worked tirelessly to save lives in an extraordinarily dangerous environment. We should make it as an opportunity7 Dead White helmet is not dead.

War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace. – Thomas Mann

What is their will?

The best way to commemorate their deaths is to follow their will. It is unnecessary to talk many things. If we don’t do anything, we should be more angry. So, what is their will? White helmet is made up of Tailor, bakers, carpenters, electricians and other over 3,000 people. Their goal is to save anyone hurt. They claim to advocate moderation. Eventually, what they most wanted is peace. “A world free from wars” Anton Chekhov saidWe shall find peace. We shall hear the angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds’  I didn’t want their death to be in vain. Dead White helmets must be alive in our heart.

How we can do it?

HWPL’s Two wings : IWPG & IPYG

We already know that war settles nothing and to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one.(Agatha Christie) Actions are necessary now, not words. We should really achieve peace. I want to recommend ‘HWPL‘. “Groundbreaking and substantive” solutions of HWPL is impressive. The chairman of HWPL said “We have the answer to achieve Peace” HWPL‘s SOLUTIONS are  ‘International Law for Peace and Cessation of War‘ and ‘Alliance of Religions‘. (more info) and other postings

There is no path to peacePeace is the path. – Mahatma Gandhi

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National Liberation Day [Korea] : Meaning


After 72 years : How are you?

In 1945, Korea gained independence. It is called by ‘National Liberation Day’. Independence is a moving word. I know it after I saw many movies. But it is a brief amount of time. I settle into a routine again and again. My concern is how I could earn a living, how to go out and how to know what I want to do. It may be too small pricks. I can say “The past is past and the today is today. We have new problems on our plate. Our lives are tough too.” I know it. And I know it too. Actually they don’t want to blame to us. Sometimes I want to explain myself. I want to say “It’s not my fault.” I know it. But we must move forward.

What should we do?

광복 : Restoration of Light

National Liberation Day of Korea is called ‘Gwangbokjeol, 광복절’. 광복‘ means ‘Restoration of Light’. What it means? Why is this? ‘Liberation’ and ‘Restoration of Light’ mean same? You can think it is a little bit abstract. Restoration means “In the past, all dark” I read an article. It’s really nice. So I scrap it. To commemorate Independence Day is to truly realize and know what independence means in real life. With this, it is possible to start a true independence for the future. A world without discrimination – righteousness and justice exist and breathe – this is the place where everyone needs to strive together to achieve, and truly become the owners of independence.This evening I’m more sentimental.

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates

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World Alliance of Religions : We Are One!


Fire! : WARP office came in a heartbeat

  Red light glitters in the mountain.“Fire!” There was a fire in a temple. An electrical short caused the fire. Ceiling and Buddha were covered with soot. There were no casualties but was in need of repair. But this temple was deep in the mountain. Even though they have different religions, members of WARP office were running in a heartbeat. WARP is a World Alliance of Religions Peace. They repair wiring and hang new wallpapers together.

There is no path to peacePeace is the path. – Mahatma Gandhi

World Alliance of Religions

  The Buddhist monk(63) said “When I meet HWPL members at first, I feel they have really beautiful mind.” And he became a member of HWPL. He said “I think they do really good things that they work to ally all religions for peace. So I think I should help.” Do you know World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) OfficeIm particularly interested in ‘Religion alliance’. So I have heard the WARP office. Those HWPL members belong to WARP office. Amazing thing is an innovative approach to Religious Dialogue. They teach each religion. They are resolving misunderstandings that caused a prejudice. Prejudice brings ruthless. We Are One! (more info)

I think this is true peace. – Buddhist monk(63)

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Peace studies : ‘United Nations and the Art of Peace’


I’m studying Peace

What was your major in college? Me? I majored in ‘peace’. …? Department of Peace? Is there such a thing? To be exact, It’s name is the department of ‘United Nations and the art of peace’. UNITAR(The United Nations Institute for Training and Research), WFUNA(World Federation of United Nations Associations) and Kyunghee University  worked together to develop this master´s degree. “Fostering experts and hands-on workers in the field of Peace studies” is why it was created. Oh Joon, Ambassador to the U.N, is appointed by a full-time professor.

If man does find the solution for world peace it will be the most revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known. – George C. Marshall

Why Peace studies?

Civil war and terrorism were surging since 2000. 500,000 people were killed every year. One day? 1,300! It is estimated that 90 % of the casualties caused by war is the civilian. Almost all of them are women and children. Longing for peace is more growing in the nervous international community. So World’s leading universities offer the course of peace studies. This is why. Actually it is very hard to achieve peace. Because it can’t achieve by one man. It is a problem of culture and level of consciousness. I guess Spinoza want to say something to you. “Peace is not the absence of war, but a virtue based on strength of character.” It is hard but we can do it! United Nations and the art of peace!

do not want the peace which passeth understanding, want the understanding which bringeth peace. – HelenKeller

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Little Peace girl : [Card Story] Go one step further


Little Peace girl : Go your one step further!

Little girl : Do you dislike getting hurt?

I : Sure

Little girl : You… don’t want to make your family or friends hurt, right?

I : Of course it is

Little girl : Do you want peace..?

I : You bet, who doesn’t like? Cute little girl, why do you ask?

Little girl : Boo hoo… I can’t find my sister Did you see?

I : Where did you lose your sister?

Little girl : Companies, bars and amusement park..

I : Oh god… All places are where there are many people. Why do those people don’t help to find?

Little girl : They are busy doing their work to do, busy getting drunk and busy dating girlfriends

I : What a pity! Is there anything that I can do for you?

Little girl : That’s right.

I : Eh? Say what?

Little peace girl : That’s the answer. My sister’s name is ‘Action’.

I : Ah.. that is why you ask…

Little peace girl : Now, you never forget my sister, Is it right?

Peace is up to you :0 Go one step further!