15 minutes mini-concert (cover by J. Fla)

J.Fla is a South Korean singer, music artist, songwriter, and YouTuber.

YouTube sensation J. Fla, famous for her covers of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito,” has become the first independent Korean YouTuber to attract 10 million subscribers. (Now 15 million)

“Shape of you” has more than 250 million views. And “Despacito” has more than 160 million views. Do you want to see famous things?

So that’s it for the two songs. You were surprised by her voice, right? When I want to feel better, I listen to J.Fla’s songs.

I’m going to recommend three of the songs I’ve heard recently.

Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna ( cover by J.Fla )

Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Señorita

The next song is a calming ending song!

Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved

I hope this 15 minutes will make you happy.

Peace is up to :0 Good luck!

[K-pop Girl Group] Oh My Girl – Hyojung’s Cuteness

I’m so into her charms these days. 🙂

She’s always smiling. Someone asked if it’s always hard to laugh, and she answered that it’s harder not to laugh.

I think it’s because she prepared for a children’s song contest for 7 years. But there was a program when she cried that she sometimes felt too lonely.

Even though it’s been a while since her debut, she still looks passionate and happy like a rookie. It makes me feel really good.

She is so cuteeeee. 🙂

She’s so charming when she dances that I think I’ve seen her about ten times. The first time she shook her hair (1:06-1:07) in the dance seems to be the most exciting.

Do you want to see how she was before her debut?

There is a funny comment, so I will translate it. “She’s like an elder sister in business administration at the student council, and an older sister who got a perfect score on TOEIC during activities.” She looks so pure.

I hope your day is happy. 🙂

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

[K-POP Girl Group] ITZY (있지) – ‘Wannabe (워너비)’ Shoulder Dance

ITZY (있지) is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment, consisting of members Yeji (예지), Lia (리아), Ryujin (류진), Chaeryeong (채령), and Yuna (유나).

In 00:18~00:24, The shoulder dance of the intro was very popular. The lyrics are “잔소리는 stop it 알아서 할게.” It means that “Stop nagging it, I’ll take care of it.” Her name in the middle is Ryujin. I fell in love with her charm after watching this video.

If there is a problem with copyright, I will delete it right away.

It is a video clip of editing only the intro part of each stage. It’s really cool.

She appeared on a Korean entertainment program (아는형님), and I was surprised that she danced really well.

This song is “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift. The song was good, so we looked it up together.

I also practice shoulder dance, too. Of course, when I’m alone. ahahaa olalla I don’t know why it’s so squeaky.

I hope these videos make you feel good. 🙂

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

[K-pop Girl Group] “Oh My Girl” – Nonstop (살짝 설렜어)

I watch these three videos when I have a hard time studying these days.

I hope it helps you, too.

Oh My Girl – Nonstop (살짝 설렜어)

They appeared on a Korean entertainment show, “아는형님,” and released a new song. The group is composed of seven members: Hyojung(효정), Mimi(미미), YooA(유아), Seunghee(승희), Jiho(지호), Binnie(비니) and Arin(아린).

In this video, I fell in love with Hyo-jung. Look at that video! In 00:32~00:34, Hyojung comes out. She is so pretty and so cuteeeeee. ahahaa

She’s so cute when she winks. Not only she but also other members are pretty and talented.

Powerful Dance Time: Mimi & YooA

They dance very well. I’ve watched it so many times.

Seung-hee imitates with facial expressions

It’s so, so much fun. She’s very good at imitating others. I laughed too loudly in a quiet place while watching this. 🙂 ahahaa olalla

I hope these videos will comfort you when you don’t have much to laugh at home with the corona.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

satisfying, relaxing and calming vlog

As I stay at home, I watch YouTube quite often. I go in when I’m bored.

But we’ve already seen it all, so there’s nothing more to see, right? ahahaa

Sometimes, I surf the Internet frantically, and then I feel happy when I find something funny, and then I want to do something productive. It seems like a waste of time, but it also relieves boredom.

In the midst of this, YouTube Korea is guiding us by making a playlist in the “Together at Home (#집에서함께해요)” series. I would like to introduce a relaxing video among them.

I hope this time of about 10 minutes will be of help to you.

Even though you didn’t wake up early, today is good.

#haegreendal #preciousday

Video editing is more like art… I feel better. I really think today will be a good day. 🙂

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

갱이 Gani l med student’s vlog

She is a student attending Seoul National University Medical School that I introduced to you last time. I am writing because I want to see her and get healed while we are having a hard time with the corona virus these days.

# study with me

Among Korean YouTubers who are good at studying and pretty, many say that she is close to the top. I want to be that pretty!!

# her hobby

Her hobby is also very fruitful. I should spend my day well so that I can enjoy my hobbies, study, and eat delicious food.

There’s nothing to watch on YouTube these days. Do you have any video recommendations? Please leave a comment!

JTBC Phantom Singer Season 3

Phantom Singer (JTBC) is a reality competition TV show searching for the best male vocal quartet in Korea. All vocal music majors studying in each country, musical majors and good singers appeared. Auditions were also held in Berlin, London and New York. The fourth episode is now on air.

It would be best to see for yourself. 🙂

“Proud of your boy” (Aladdin 2019 OST)

He (박강한, Park Ganghan) is currently working for an oil company in the United States. I was surprised by his voice.

“Il Mondo” (About Time OST)

The octave goes up twice! The last 13 seconds of high notes are really the best. Many people were touched by his sincere voice. (유채훈, Yu Chaehoon)

“The prayer”

He majored in vocal music at Yale University and graduated from Juilliard School. (존 노, John No..? Ro..? maybe)

“Parlami D’amore Mariù”

He is a singer in London’s Royal Opera. It’s just as great as it is. (길병민, Gil Byungmin)

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

Relaxing Seong-Jin Cho Piano Melody

Listen to this song, even if it’s morning sunshine, by the window.

Deutsche Grammophon has launched a series of professional live streams. They are so creative! The series is titled “Moment Musical”.

Listen today to the fifth episode with pianist Seong-Jin Cho performing works by Brahms, Berg and Schubert at Meistersaal, Berlin. Seong-Jin’s forthcoming album, “The Wanderer”, featuring works by Schubert, Liszt and Berg is set for release on May 8.

Loved it! fantastic!! so greatful you offered this lovely opportunity to see masterpiece by a genius. Nowdays, this is the best present. Loved the last one Schubert fantasy! Flawless and pretty like any other pieces Cho Seong Jin plays. I am simply astonished. 🙂

Few people in our world can play music with such depth and meaning. However, I don’t know how long it will be released for free…

Hang the link on the channel just in case.

Dr. Clemens Trautmann, President Deutsche Grammophon, comments: “This series aims to support our artists as, together, we use innovative high-quality initiatives to connect them with their audiences and inspire music lovers worldwide with rare live performances.”

Find Deutsche Grammophon Online

Homepage: http://deutschegrammophon.com
Facebook: http://fb.com/deutschegrammophon
Twitter: http://twitter.com/dgclassics
Instagram: http://instagram.com/dgclassics

[Mnet K-POP] Queendom : Comeback Battle

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE [Mnet K-POP] Queendom : Comeback Battle 퀸덤 친절한 금자씨 오마이걸 에이오에이 박봄 마마무 러블리즈 너나 해 나의 지구 Queendom Park Bom Oh My Girl Mamamoo Lovelyz K-POP Good Luck egotistic Destiny AOA (여자) 아이들 (G)I-DLE

Queendom (Korean: 퀸덤) is a 2019 K-POP television reality program that aired on Mnet, starring Park Bom (박봄), AOA (에이오에이), Mamamoo (마마무), Lovelyz (러블리즈), Oh My Girl (오마이걸), (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들.

The concept of program is a comeback battle between 6 K-POP girl group acts, in order to “determine the real number one” when all 6 release their songs at the same time.

There was a lot of controversy in the beginning because this program maybe encouraged war between K-POP fandoms. However, as the episodes went on, it became more and more heartwarming as they discovered new charms of each idol.

I watched a video while eating today, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

The last performance is great, but the first performance is really great.

Dancing in a group suit is also cool, but the scene where dancers appear in the middle is fatal.

Mamamoo makes good use of each color. This team won. yeahhhh 🙂

It’s a novel concept. olalla

The performance was worth seeing. I hope they don’t get stuck in the frame of being an idol and make good use of their strengths as an artist.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

Korean Drama l Be Melodramatic on Netflix

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Korean Drama l Be Melodramatic on Netflix 한지은 천우희 전여빈 이병헌 안재홍 멜로가 체질 공명 Netflix Melo is My Nature Lee Byeong-heon Korean Drama Jeon Yeo-been Han Ji-eun Gong Myung Chun Woo-hee Be Melodramatic Ahn Jae-hong

“Be Melodramatic/Melo is My Nature” (Korean: 멜로가 체질) is a 2019 Korean Drama (JTBC) starring Chun Woo-hee (천우희), Jeon Yeo-been (전여빈), Han Ji-eun (한지은), Ahn Jae-hong (안재홍) and Gong Myung (공명).

In fact, the drama’s audience ratings are 1.488 percent on average for episode 16. Expectations for the drama were high even before it aired, as the famous director Lee Byeong-heon (이병헌), who hit the jackpot with some comic films in Korea, was in charge. However, its grades were very low.

I think it was because a powerful program called Show Me The Money was aired at the same time. In fact, the figure reflects only what people watch on TV at home. It would have been lower, since it’s a story of late 20s and early 30s interested in love. Because they don’t watch it on TV but on smartphones or pads.

As evidenced by this, the ratings for reruns were enormous. The drama has also been in the top 10 for five months on Netflix in Korea, and is still watched by many people.

so cute 🙂

I watched this drama because the actor Chun Woo-hee was so attractive in the YouTube clip. Each line of the drama is unique and attractive.

I saw it in Korean, and I thought it would be really hard to translate it into other languages. It’s amazing enough to feel like the best script written in Korean, but if the translation is embarrassing, it might be undervalued.

Most of the people who watch the drama say, “characters are expressed deliciously, and the actors are also very good at acting. The chemistry is perfect, too.” I hope this drama will be your life drama.

Personally, I like this OST the best. I feel at ease when I hear it. 🙂

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!