Samsung India Service : “What makes so many people’s hearts touched?”

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First of all, let’s watch this video. Then let’s start to talk.

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What can you feel? I am moved to tears. The landscape is like movie and music is so beautiful. When were you surprised first? When the woman opened the door in the first time, pity hit me like a blow. She was blind… Oh God help her!!!  If advertising is over here, Its popularity is not appealing as much as it is now. It’s just only the level of pity.

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Samsung India Service : "What makes so many people's hearts touched?"     After completing repairs, the woman is ringing a bell. A lot of blind children come out one after another. The thrill is just beginning now. The light is darker. When they turned the Samsung TV, thrilling voice is heard. “Journeyya~~~~~~” The sound of little girl’s voice sent shivers down my spine. Her name is Prerna. I was moved by just hearing her voice and seeing this blind children. But the final blow was left. First woman says “She is from this hostel. And she is my best friend too.” I was knocked down at moving.

What makes so many people’s hearts touched?

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE Samsung India Service : "What makes so many people's hearts touched?"   We can know it by watching reaction. Watching again and again, a lot of people were shedding tears. What is the result? The majority of them defended Samsung. They became the side of Samsung. They attacked haters of Samsung. “If you hate Samsung, you must not hate this advertising.” Naturally, they said that they believed technical skills of Samsung too. Also someone say “My life is changed by this advertising. Thank you, Samsung”. A massive impact is clear. 🙂


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