A Aleppo boy unveiled ‘Nightmare of Syrian jail’

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What do you think is the most terrible thing in the world? Snake? Ghost? I think it’s a ‘Syrian jail’. Do you know ‘Sednaya Prison? It is a military prison near Damascus in Syria. A Aleppo boy(15 years old) was imprisoned for 10 months two years back. The awful thing is that Sednaya Prison is called killing field. Recently, this boy sent ‘a record of Syrian prison’ to the Guardian, British daily.

His Voice in the Syrian jail

“Today is the UN’s International Day for Support of Victims of Torture. Unfortunately in Syria, there is no shortage of victims of torture. Tens of thousands of us have been thrown in Assad’s prisons and tortured beyond what our bodies and minds can take.”

“When I was first arrested, I was taken to security branch headquarters near Damascus, where I was tortured during sessions of interrogation for 58 days straight. After 58 days of this treatment, I had no choice but to sign false confessions that the interrogator himself wrote. I put my name to offences I had never committed, and confessions about people I had never met. I was even forced to sign a document that accused my brother of being an armed rebel.”

Saydnaya is where you go to die

“I was held in that branch for four-and-a-half months, then moved to the political security administration at Fayha’ in Damascus. Here I was tortured in even more ways. I was given electric shocks on sensitive parts of my body; suspended from the ceiling; tortured using brutal methods known as “wind carpet”, “the wheel”, and “the bed”. This went on for another three months.”

“This is when I was transferred to Saydnaya military prison. The Living Persons’ Graveyard. The Human Slaughterhouse. These are names that describe Saydnaya.”

“We survived on scraps of rubbish for food. We became so starved that our bodies stopped looking human. And we were whipped, beaten, starved, given electric shocks. We saw people taken to be hanged en masse. There are stories of prisoners being forced to rape each other, or of guards raping prisoners. There are stories of guards forcing prisoners to kill their own friends and family, or be tortured and executed. Saydnaya is hell on Earth.”

“In October 2015, after 10 months of detention, I won my freedom. But my mind will never be free. I’ve been taken hostage by the cries of my fellow prisoners”

This is why we need peace

This video is not related with Aleppo boy. But I insert it because of your understanding.

More info about truth : Amnesty homepage

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