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Have you ever heard ‘Minerva school’? It is a very Inspirational video. The Minerva Schools at KGI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit university program that was founded in partnership between the Minerva Project and Keck Graduate Institute (KGI), a member of the Claremont University Consortium. Minerva’s founder, former Snapfish president Ben Nelson, has referred to it as “the first elite American university to be launched in a century.” It is amazing. They said “Minerva is deeply principled and dedicated to enhancing your potential and enabling your success.” Surprisingly, They don’t have a campus. What the hell? The city is their campus. Wow it’s really shocking. They only have 7 dormitories in 7 nations.

“Minerva is nurturing critical wisdom for the sake of the world.”

Beyond the world : Minerva school

7 nations are London, Berlin, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Hyderabad, Seoul, Taipei. What do they do there? They challenged the city. They have a location-based learning with leading figures and organizations in the nation. Their mission is to make “the next generations of exceptional, lifelong learners to work together in solving the most complex challenges of our time.” I’m surprised to the reason why Ben Nelson choose ‘Seoul’. He said Korea is very interested in education. So many higher education institutions in Korea can catch up quickly. I’m impressed to their sincerity. For next time more detailed story.

Guiding principles

  1. Being Unconventional
  2. Being Human
  3. Being Confident
  4. Being Thoughtful
  5. Being Selective
  6. Being Authentic
  7. Being Driven

“We never settle for “good enough”; if we can’t accomplish excellence, we pursue a different route.” – Minerva school

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