Frozen Korea, figure skating with Hanbok

It’s such a beautiful video that I’m about to cry.

The visual beauty is so good. Not only the natural scenery but also the light shining on the winter lake is so beautiful. Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) is so pretty, too. The line is elegant.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m Korean, but the music melody is somewhat sentimental. It feels like it contains a lot of things.

It’s a natural view, so there’s a risk of falling into the water. That’s great. Also it’s touching.

Baek soobak, (not real name) a youtuber, is originally a figure skater before retiring due to injury.

However, she did not give up and went to college majoring in rehabilitation and started rehabilitation on her own.

Eventually, she is now able to do better than before her retirement, and is challenging various sports such as surfing, inline skating, jiu-jitsu, etc.

I think she is cooler now than a player. There are so many fans on YouTube, too! She is pioneering a new path. I want to join the challenge.

Is there anything you want to challenge yourself?

Inline Skating in Busan, Korea : I am a figure skater

There is another thing that is rapidly gaining popularity in Korea. Like the last posting, “feel the rhythm of Korea”, there are a lot of comments saying that Korean Tourism Organization should have to cast her quickly.

That figure skater (백수박: Baek Soobak, not real name) is also very pretty, but the camera moving is also highly praised.

The visual beauty is so good. Sometimes I get tired of COVID-19, but it’s healing.

In fact, this video became popular first. Why do you think it is? Because she is so pretty.. Also cutie..

There is a figure skater who can’t forget in Korea. I want to hear from Kim Yuna. Where and what will she do now?

She was a dream and hope for me, who was young.

I missed her, so I brought a video.

What do you miss? I think it would be nice to spend the day looking for it.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!