[2020 Voice Korea] Artist Kim Yeji “ALL TURN”

I brought a video of songs that will make me feel better today.

This time, on a Korean music competition program called Voice Korea, I’m going to introduce a woman who has captured the hearts of judges at once with an incredibly attractive voice and a feeling of intoxication with music.

Her name is “Kim Yeji.” She majored in vocal at a university famous in Korea. They sing songs such as K-pop or pop songs, not opera or vocal music. Look at her expression. It’s like a drunk. She must be drunk with music.

So I looked up other videos, and I was even more surprised.


The climax is amazing. She also sang pop songs such as “When we were young” and “Mamma knows best.” I like Jessica’s “Mamma knows best” best.

I found her YouTube channel.

I think she’s already a great artist. I hope her song will be known to many people around the world. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!