HWPL Peace Education with Greece

HWPL’s peace education is global. It is worth noting that it creates a change of thought that can achieve ‘peace’ by finding the commonalities of each country’s culture.

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Santorini, Greece

The textbook made by HWPL also contains information about Greece. In Peace Textbook 9 and Section 1-‘Courtesy of Parents,’ it is explained that loving and honoring parents beyond the differences of time, region, and culture is a universal value of all mankind.

In particular, it is emphasized that remembering and paying back the love and kindness given by parents is a characteristic that only humans have.

There is an ancient Greek anecdote about this filial piety. Greece is famous for having a strict culture of respect for the elderly and parents since ancient times.

For example, in ancient Delphi, people who did not take care of their parents were imprisoned.

In Athens, a person who neglected his or her parents was fined and some citizenship was deprived.

Greek proverbs such as “Old people’s words weigh heavily” and “Those who respect their parents never die” reflect a deep-rooted culture of respect for parents and the elderly.

As such, peace education by utilizing proverbs and examples of each country is a great advantage.

Georgia teacher said, “I loved the textbooks prepared for peace education,” adding, “It contains a variety of colors and various information and activities.” “HWPL’s peace education textbooks are made in a more understandable language considering the level of children and teenagers,” he said. “The HWPL peace education textbooks are also very important because they have clear guidelines on what teachers should do.”

After nine weeks of training, Georgia’s teachers took pride in HWPL peace education more than anyone else. “HWPL’s certificate of teacher training is now my pride,” she said.

In fact, students who received peace education also responded positively.

After receiving peace education, one student said, “I realized that I was special,” adding, “I have to be with people who are valuable and make me feel good about myself.”

“I think the Chairman Man hee Lee is an inspirational and charismatic person who can do anything to bring peace to the world,” Georgia teacher said. “I think HWPL is a great organization with great educational materials and plans and is ready to support every step of the way.”

‘Filial piety’ : Devoted Shimcheong & Jesus Christ

Filial piety : East vs West

Do you know ‘Filial piety’ in Asian culture? In the 20th century, great scholar Arnold Joseph Toynbee, CH said, ‘Korean filial piety is the most necessary thought for humanity’ and asked Korea to spread it. Do you have heard of something similar? In Confucian philosophy, filial piety(Chinese: 孝) is a virtue of respect for one’s parents, elders and ancestors. Filial piety is central to Confucian role ethics.(by wiki)

In Western culture, they respect their individual boundary. But in Asia, there is no boundary at times. Westerner can feel resistance and can’t understand ‘Why should you do?’ But from my point of view, It is a very moving story. I can understand very well. Filial piety has no limits. So, it can be really powerful. Maybe you can see it is fanatic. Let’s see.

Devoted daughter, 심청(Eng: Shimcheong)

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE ‘Filial piety' : Devoted Shimcheong & Jesus Christ 심청 Shimcheong Jesus Christ Filial piety Devoted son Devoted daughter Confucian philosophy   It is a Korean traditional fairy tale. Her father is blind. Then one day, 300 sacks of rice that were offered to Buddha can give a sight to her father. So, she threw herself into the Indangsoo sea. She said, “I beg of you. O gods of heaven and earth!!” She was a scapegoat of the Dragon King. Everyone thought she was dead. In palace of sea kings, the king heard about 심청‘s story and his heart was touched. So 심청 can back home in the lotus flower. She reunited with her father and her father regained his vision. They lived happily ever after.

How do you act now?

Devoted son, Jesus Christ

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE ‘Filial piety' : Devoted Shimcheong & Jesus Christ 심청 Shimcheong Jesus Christ Filial piety Devoted son Devoted daughter Confucian philosophy   You already know. He endured pain of the crucifix for his father’s will. In Gethsemane, he was in an agony he prayed more earnestly and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.(Luke 22:44) But also Jesus was sold by 30 silver coins. Everyone thought he was dead. But three days later, he was brought back to life from the dead. For what? He wanted to give a sight to ours who was blind. We don’t know we are blind. But It’s true. Jesus Christ is really devoted son. I appreciate his devotion.

Everything is up to you!

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!