“Magic Night” in ACC International fringe festival

ACC International fringe festival

On June 2-4, ‘International Street theater Festival‘ was held in Gwang-ju in Korea. It was hosted by ACC(Asia Culture Center). My friend send pictures and short clips to me. He said,”It’s so cool!!!!! Fantastic!!!” I am sick and tired of studying in Australia. Just in time when I feel homesick, I’m so happy to see it. It’s really cool. You can see it for yourself.

“Magic Night”

by Xarxa Theatre_Spain

  Xarxa Theatre celebrates the night with fireworks and upbeat rhythms in a reenactment of an ancient festival in Valencia. Turn off the light, and let the real life begin!

This Concept worked very well. Piping and drumming tempts everyone sweetly. While the fireworks get faster, so do the townsfolk. People were swarming like bees. My friend said, “I have had such hard times, but I was so happy that I was able to forget them on that day.” I suddenly wondered ‘Why do we hold festival?’

Festival : Our Culture, Our Spirit

In a dictionary, the origin of ‘Festival‘ is  ‘Festivalis‘ that means holy day in Latin language. It means that the root of festival is a religious ritual. It contributed to group cohesiveness, but also it handed down culture and tradition. So they can feel they are alive in this community. “We are one!” Culture and festival obviously have a powerful force to change people. Our own culture with our own hands! I think Heavenly Culture makes the world happier. 

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!