JTBC Phantom Singer Season 3

Phantom Singer (JTBC) is a reality competition TV show searching for the best male vocal quartet in Korea. All vocal music majors studying in each country, musical majors and good singers appeared. Auditions were also held in Berlin, London and New York. The fourth episode is now on air.

It would be best to see for yourself. 🙂

“Proud of your boy” (Aladdin 2019 OST)

He (박강한, Park Ganghan) is currently working for an oil company in the United States. I was surprised by his voice.

“Il Mondo” (About Time OST)

The octave goes up twice! The last 13 seconds of high notes are really the best. Many people were touched by his sincere voice. (유채훈, Yu Chaehoon)

“The prayer”

He majored in vocal music at Yale University and graduated from Juilliard School. (존 노, John No..? Ro..? maybe)

“Parlami D’amore Mariù”

He is a singer in London’s Royal Opera. It’s just as great as it is. (길병민, Gil Byungmin)

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!