“The World urge Syria peace talks”

We want Syria peace talks

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE "The World urge Syria peace talks" Syria peace talk Syria rebel Assad

Syrian civil lasted for six years. Western delegates called on both government troops and rebels to resume Syria peace talks on December 10.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry censure Syria government for indiscriminate attacks. “Indiscriminate attacks are war crimes and crimes against humanity in Aleppo”. He confirmed “Today through two time dialogue, Assad would be willing to participate in negotiations with rebels.” John Kerry said “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is open to Syria peace talks”.

At this meeting, Syrian rebel leader also attended.

Enter the negotiations unconditionally

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE "The World urge Syria peace talks" Syria peace talk Syria rebel Assad

Western delegates urged ‘Syrian government and rebels must enter the negotiations unconditionally’. But The rebels said they would not start negotiations if discussing Mr. Assad’s resignation is placed as a precondition.

2016 April, rebels and government representatives held the Syria peace talks in Geneva. But Assad’s position didn’t even get a mention at all. So, The negotiations broke down.

Secretary Kerry said “As losing the hub of Aleppo, for now the best thing for rebels is to negotiate. They politically would be able to solve the problem.”

Someone said “Peace is not always a answer. It is too naive”

But I want to say “Do you see the victims?” “How much do you really know about them?” In fact, I want to get rid of people who didn’t even bat an eyelash for many casualties. It is so terrible.

I want Syria peace talks. Not for politicians, for the victims.

Look at this documentary and feel how it terrible.