HWPL peace quotes with Man Hee Lee #4

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE HWPL peace quotes with Man Hee Lee #4 Viktor Yushchenko Man Hee Lee IWPG HWPL peace quotes with Man Hee Lee HWPL chairman Lee

On the 16th of September, The ‘Goseong Peace Conference’ was attended by the International Centre for Black Sea-Baltic Studies and Consensus Practices (Centre BBS) and the UN-affiliated NGO HWPL. Why did they get together? The purpose is ‘the Adoption of the DPCW in the UN and the Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula.’ It is a hot topic in the world. Today, I introduce you HWPL peace quotes with Man Hee Lee.

H.E. Viktor Yushchenko, Former president of Ukraine, said “If a country is attacked, no one is safe, because we are all one. What we are going to talk about is solidarity. We need to get the signatures of a million people because it can bring many people to unite and affirm the solidarity. I think Chairman Lee of HWPL is doing great work to gain support from many people in various countries. We are becoming one. The work we are doing is the way we can unite.”

Reference: http://hwpl.kr/en/news/view/180926345/24/DiscussionforCooperationforPeacebetweenHWPLandtheInternationalCentreforBlackSeaBalticStudiesandConsensusPracticesattheGoseongPeaceConference

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!