3rd WARP Summit 2017 : Never pass up!


WARP Summit 2017 message relay!

This is the WARP Summit 2017 supporting message relay!

Wish the best and pass this Peace Messengers Together.”

Relay on to 3 others 

World peace and restoration has begun at the same time this declaration is proclaimed. Thank you. – Chairman of HWPL

Is that really the time?

Peace is Coming!!! HWPL : 2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit

Last year, I posted ‘2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit 2017’. I encounter with HWPL first. In fact, I want peace but I always think ‘Is it really possible?’. But I can’t give up! I find and find. Then, I see  the ‘2nd WARP Summit 2016′. 100,000 people gathered. WARP Summit can be divided into three part. 

  • First. Conferences and Forums.
  • Second. “Peace March-themed world parade and traditional cultural performances.
  • Third. War and Peace cards section performances.

How about this Year?

And I’m really looking forward to 3rd WARP Summit 2017! This time, what new things they show? I really like their ‘Heavenly culture‘. What is it? It is to live according to the principles and values of heavena place that gives lightrain and air without boundaries. I upload it beneath. Sounds promising, right? Never pass up this chance! Come with me!

WARP Peace Summit are offering religious leaders a chance to lead people in the world building up peace by declaration of peace law. – HWPL

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!


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