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After declaring the need for an international law in 2013, Man Hee Lee committed to the creation of a peaceful international law on September 18, 2014, by signing the Convention for the Establishment of an International Law of Peace with 29 former presidents, Supreme Court justices, and world leaders at the Peace Parliament.

The Chairman Man Hee Lee believes that practical laws and institutions are needed to end war, and that the causes, means, and ideas of war must be fundamentally eliminated and changed. The Chairman Lee and international law experts from 17 countries have begun laying the groundwork for a peace bill.

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Articles 1 through 7 of the DPCW address the role of states in creating an environment of peace in the international community, including restraining the use of force, disarmament, respect for international law, and the promotion of friendly relations.

Articles 8 through 10 emphasize that all communities, consisting not only of states but also of all individuals, should participate in the development of peace, including freedom of religion, the spread of a culture of peace, civic participation, and the strengthening of education and welfare, suggesting that building a peaceful world is the task of the hour for everyone in the global village.

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