[Korean Culture] Musician Henry Performance

Henry Lau, commonly referred to mononymously as Henry, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actor, entertainer and classical violinist based in South Korea and China.

He is lovely in conversation and overflowing in music.

The harmony that builds up through his loop station is more electrifying..

He is trying many musical things, and it is not enough to call him a genius.

Above all, music is really good to listen to.

You saw the next song once before, but it was so good that I introduce it again.

I’m going crazy at the part where the high notes come out and the part where the beat changes.

May this 15 minutes be your happiness.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!

15 Minutes mini-Couch Concert

It rains a lot today. So I brought three songs to refresh myself.

If you’re struggling these days, I hope you give yourself a present. I’ve been trying so hard to comfort myself.

I can’t stop the feeling~ Let’s move on to the next song.

It is a special stage for the Baeksang Arts Awards (백상예술대상). It’s very touching and it’s very popular.

Henry’s performance is amazing!! Because of the COVID-19, everyone is watching busking in the car.

It’s been almost 15 minutes. Lastly, I hope you have a happy day today.

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!