UNHCR l 2020 World Refugee Day “Every Action Counts”

In Wikipedia, World Refugee Day, international observance observed June 20 each year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world. This is today!

From my point of view, the activities against refugees seem to be the most noticeable among the activities of the United Nations. This is just my idea.

My dream is actually to work for an international organization like the United Nations. I want to build a career that can help more people, and do something really cool. I think it’s really wonderful for people to get closer to peace. I wish there was something I did during the process. 🙂

2020 Theme: Every Action Counts

The COVID-19 pandemic and the recent anti-racism protests have shown us how desperately we need to fight for a more inclusive and equal world: a world where no one is left behind. It has never been clearer that all of us have a role to play in order to bring about change. Everyone can make a difference.

This is at the heart of UNHCR’s World Refugee Day campaign. This year, we aim to remind the world that everyone, including refugees, can contribute to society and Every Action Counts in the effort to create a more just, inclusive, and equal world. (Source: UN page)

The refugee issue is really a global issue. Because 70.8 million people around the world have been forced from home by conflict and persecution at the end of 2018. Among them are nearly 30 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18… If I were one of them, I would have felt terrible remorse for life.

Unless I jump directly into their lives, it seems that I inevitably have to be a hypocrisy. I want to try not to feel ashamed. Still, there is little I can do, but they seem to comfort us all.

Everyone can make a difference

Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said “UNHCR is no stranger to challenges. For over 70 years we have been on the frontlines of countless emergencies.

Yet this global pandemic is of an entirely new magnitude. Our priority has been and will be, to stay and deliver for the refugees, internally displaced and stateless people we are mandated to protect. But we can’t do it alone.

Whoever you are. No matter where you come from. Every one of us can make a difference. Every action truly counts.

This campaign seems to be a great project to urge everyone to join. HWPL, a peace organization that shouted, “Let’s all be one, We Are One” also came to mind. After all, what I felt was that peace was feasible when we all joined in and accomplished things, and otherwise it was not possible. 🙁

Ref: https://www.unhcr.org/news/press/2020/6/5eeb289c4/2020-world-refugee-day-statement-un-high-commissioner-refugees-filippo.html

UNHCR “Live blog” Worldwide

Countless people are celebrating this day. This year, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is asking people from all walks of life to join #WithRefugees. I’ll just take a look at one thing.

Ref: https://www.unhcr.org/news/latest/2020/6/5ee8cefa4/live-blog-world-refugee-day-difference.html

Miami, Florida, USA

Venezuelan superstar and UNHCR High Profile Supporter Danny Ocean regales fans worldwide with a Couch Concert on the eve of World Refugee Day.

I’m doing a live broadcast on YouTube right now. It was better than expected. It’s like watching a concert! I hope this article will be of any help to you. 🙂

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!