Al Jazeera will make HWPL special documentary to report in over 140 countries


Al Jazeera


“Small but strong broadcast”

Founded in 1996 against U.S. CNN,  Al Jazeera is spreading around the world a voice of the Arab population in anti-American nationality, pan-Islamic perspective. Al Jazeera started to be known in the West through ‘war on terror’.

When is it emerging as a global broadcasting? Al-Jazeera revealed for the first time what it says is a new audiotape from al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

Although some media outlets in the West points out that biased to the al Qaeda since 9/11, looking at Al Jazeera they report objective and fair, and any forces in the world, unbiased independent reports.

Interbrand assessed Al Jazeera as the world’s most influential media brand in 2004. Following Apple, Google, Starbucks and IKEA, Al Jazeera recorded the world`s fifth-largest brand power in brand impact survey. Al Jazeera English gain 100 million households viewers, Broadcast news linked to the YouTube was to make the top 10 list and The website hits more than 60 million a week.

The motto of the independent, objective toward Al Jazeera broadcast news is ‘World  News, Local Viewpoint’. They are trying to act to match their motto. Al Jazeera is now represent ‘conscience of the Middle East’. In that news we can see How innocent citizens were suffering and dying in war.

Al Jazeera will make HWPL special documentary to report in over 140 countries.

This business agreement was signed in September 18th. We know that beacuse IGIHE reported on October 7th 2016.


Cooperative relationship between HWPL and Al Jazeera started in Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) at March 14th 2016 in Seoul.

After Al Jazeera are deeply moved by Lee’s devoted peace activities, Al Jazeera has continued to interact with HWPL.

The purpose of this memorandum is to lead ‘World Peace’. How?  Two organizations worked together to rapidly deliver peace education and culture of peace to everyone, including women, youth, religious leaders.

What is DPCW?

Do you know ‘2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP(World Alliance of Religions Peace) Summit’? Here in ‘Advocacy Forum for the DPCW’ They understand the role of each layer and discuss the action plan to present ‘DPCW’ to the United Nations. So that it can be established by international law.

Lee say“The Declaration that we drafted is a new legal framework that can bring about the cessation of war and world peace. Prime ministers and chief justices together with the National Assembly of each nation must acknowledge the value and principles of the DPCW and propel and support the development process of the DPCW. All of us who are moving forward to the creation of the new era of peace have to work together to complete our common goal of peace. This will be eternally recorded in history as the work of light to the world.”

“Civil society has to participate with governments in the codification and progressive development of international law. Indeed, CSO represent the conscience of Humankind and their voices are essential to ensure progress in the action taken by States within the United Nations. The DPCW provides positive elements to foster the dialogue and reconciliation among religions. Religious leaders should continue their work against the fundamentalism and the political instrumentalization of some religions. Women, youth and political leaders from around the world, are invited to join their voices to achieve peace and cessation of war as a binding rule of all States.”

2014 WARP(World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit)  is assessed at the greatest peaceful event of all time. This event participate with 30 countries head of state, 50 ministerial personnel, 680 religious leaders in 120 countries and 600 youth activists in 150 countries .

After that, HWPL have events to mark every year.  In this ‘2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit’ people can feel authenticity of peace movement and they think it is systematical and emotional events. 



Peace is Coming!!! HWPL : 2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit


Do you know what September 18th is?



It seems like nothing happened to us. Really? is that so?

Ta da!

Yeah, It’s my friend’s birthday. 🙂 HAHAHA I’m just kidding.


It’s a 2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit!!!! It’s our peace festival.


How many people are there?



Foreign eminent persons from various circles

about 1,000

 international law expert, all over the incumbent ministers, religious leaders, leaders of women and youth groups, the press.

HWPL members : about 100,000


Title 2nd Annual Commemoration of September 18th WARP Summit
Theme To advocate for the implementation of international law on the cessation of war and world peace
Date 17 September 2016 (SAT), 09:00-20:00 / 18 September (SUN), 14:00-20:00 / 19 September (MON), 10:00-20:00
Venue Seoul
Host Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL)
Organizers International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG)
Sponsors Seoul Metropolitan Government

three part


I think 2nd Annual Commemoration of September 18th WARP Summit largely can be divided into three part.

  • First. Conferences and Forums.
  • Second. “PEACE March”-themed world parade and traditional cultural performances.
  • Third. “War and Peace “ cards section performances.

First. Conferences and Forums.



  • Session 1
    Advocacy Forum for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War
  • Session 2
    International Religious Leaders Conference
  • Session 3
    The 4th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting
  • Session 4
    Press Conference for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the September 18th WARP Summit
  • Session 5
    Media Forum for Advocacy of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War
  • Session 6                                                                         Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War
  • Session 7                                                                             2016 IWPG Network Forum


festivalThey always make an effort to achieve peace. They go deep into the Action plan(s) based on common ground of understanding and practicality of the DPCW to create “tangible results at a national level”. They are really longing for peace. But in fact, we have to thank them. I was deeply touched by their cordiality.

Why do they want peace more then us?

We are One. We are not different. Do you agree? I agree!!! We want ‘peace’. We don’t want to see my friends and family dying. Who want to? But we turned a blind eye to people dying. Who died? Our friends!!! So many young lives were sacrificed in the war.

What’re they getting out of this war?

제목 없음


Second. “PEACE March”-themed world parade and traditional cultural performances.

peace march

There are so many cultures. I feel like ‘The world come in my mind’. It’s so beautiful and amazing. I can’t imagine how hard they try.

Why? I think they are very culturally advanced.



This is really must be watched. Only someone who are on the spot can feel vividly. This picture is so colorful, isn’t it? It is my favorite picture.   



Lastly after light glows in the dark, international law expert, all over the incumbent ministers, religious leaders, leaders of women and youth groups begin to parade.

Messengers of peace yell out a cheer!!!!  

Someone say “Please give us peace… help us..” “We believe in you guys” 



Everybody joins hands and dances around. There are no authoritative adults. They are becoming one in the name of “peace”. 

I feel like “Peace is really really coming”


Third. “War and Peace “ cards section performances.

About 12,000 HWPL members make this picturesque scenery. 12,000 people seem small as numbers. But Look closely and you will find how hard they try. 

Someone must say “How much money you need to move them?” I was curious about that too. If you are sitting over there, Can you put up with it? The sun grew blazing as the day wore on.


We are so free but that HWPL members can’t move. We eat our snack but that HWPL members can’t eat anything. We can see this beautiful performance but that HWPL members only see their back of card. 



They move like that only for peace.

How many people could “move like that”?


“There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.” (Mahatma Gandhi)


See you. Peace is coming 🙂


HWPL has no Borders!! Three HWPL Peace Community


HWPL has no Borders!!!!!!!!



You already know well about HWPL. But I’ll let you know more.

HWPL transcends culture, religion, ideology, and boundaries.

WHY? Because they want to achieve PEACEFUL HARMONY!!!


만국회의 1주년 기념행사 사진 18일_8631

HWPL is actively interacting with world leaders and many nations.

HWPL don’t do it alone. HWPL has three sincere friends.

Who are they? 



There are HWPL International Law Peace CommitteeAdvisory Council / Publicity Ambassadors and HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee.


HWPL International Law Peace Committee


It is comprised of renowned international law experts from 15 countries. Its goal is achieving peace through establishing a legally binding instrument compatible with the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).
This law has 10 articles. These GIF images are incredible. It is a simple but effective medium. I want you to see it. 🙂

This law do so many things. There are prosecution of act of violence, disposal of destructive weapons, and role of religions in conflict resolution.


The committee members are men of learning and experience. So they continue to provide their expertise and insights.

It go into operation to develop DPCW into an enforceable law and motivate global citizens. So there are are many citizens to support and advocate for HWPL‘s Peace Law Initiative.


HWPL Advisory Council / Publicity Ambassadors



HWPL Advisory Council consists of distinguished world leaders. They provides advisory opinion and analysis on initiatives of HWPL in their respective fields of profession.
HWPL Publicity Ambassadors are well-known personalities. They make a promise to actively build awareness and directly engage in publicizing HWPL’s peace activities through on and offline platforms.
The surprising thing is that The Publicity Ambassadors meet regularly to discuss ways to support HWPL’s vision.




Holding promotional events, Educating the public, Covering HWPL’s news on media, Utilizing their networks etc.


HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee


HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee consists of active members of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG).

What do they do?

The goal of this committee is to promote and participate in the development process of turning the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) into an enforceable law.

Is it special?



The committee is in a unique position to urge their respective nations to recognize and adopt the principles of DPCW. This internal pressure from the Peace Advocacy Committee would create and promote a lasting culture of peace – including creating awareness-raising activities, commemorations, and initiatives that engage the public consciousness with peace.

“To sensational peace summit which everyone participates in. I invite you all.”

NEXT :  Real Results in Realizing World Peace

Official Page :

See you 🙂


HWPL : Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light


 HWPL : Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light


2nd warpsummit hwpl


It is founded in 2012. Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Its purpose is achieving world peace and the cessation of war. HWPL has 70 branches in Korea and another 100 branches around the world. HWPL is working in conjunction with the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG).

Do you know how many people are there? Hold on to your hat!


IWPG has 97 branches around 40 other nations!!! IPYG  has 2.4 million people in 96 nations!!!

The Purpose of the Establishment

: “Achieving World Peace as an inheritance to our future generations”


Its purpose is achieving world peace and the cessation of war.

How do we achieve it?

HWPL‘s SOLUTIONS are  ‘International Law for Peace and Cessation of War‘ and ‘Alliance of Religions‘.

It has come into its own as the greatest groundbreaking and substantive solutions of peace.


: “Practical approach & international peace initiatives in legal, social and religious aspects”

HWPL is committed to practical approach to world peace.

HWPL is committed to the cessation of war.

How could they do that?


It is the establishment of international peace initiatives in legal, social and religious aspects.

It is the establishment of an enforceable law compatible with the*Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) and *the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) offices.


But also International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) and International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) play a significant role in peace building and conflict resolution as active proponents of peace.

When HWPL‘s vision is fully achieved, wars will no longer have a place on our Earth and A Culture of Peace will finally spread to all corners of the globe.

What is Heavenly Culture?

Heavenly Culture? Have you ever heard  Heavenly Culture before?

To live according to a Heavenly culture is to live according to the principles and values of heaven, a place that gives light, rain and air without boundaries.


It is also to live according to the Creator, who is the foundation of all creation.

HWPL’s core values are Peace and Respect for life.

HWPL is engaging communities all over the world with a spirit of Love and Harmony.


It is hard. I know that. But It is worth as much as difficult.

Do you believe peace is possible?

Someone says “It is impossible because there are always people who are greedy and selfish”. Also other man says “It is possible because there are always people who are warm altruist“.


I don’t think who is correct.

I can’t think who is correct.

But I can think HWPL’s SOLUTIONS are very practical approach.

It looks like PEACE is really possible.

What do you think? 🙂

“To sensational peace summit which everyone participates in. I invite you all.”

Official Page :


Question : Effort vs Luck. Agree or disagree?


Question : Success is due only to hard work. Luck does not make a person successful. Agree or disagree?


I agree. But on the other hand I disagree.

I really want to say that ‘It is not their fault whatever they agree or disagree’.

It is different from point of views.


People can divide somethings into ‘What I can control’ and ‘What I can’t control’.

Someone who think succeed is because of hard work only just pay attention to ‘What I can control’.

Someone who think It is not only just pay attention to ‘What I can’t control’.

But I admit that its standard is different among people.


Do you have an experience that shakes your standard?

Honestly, I try something out to achive peace. But I can’t believe really peaceful world is realized.

HWPL 종교대통합 만국회의_인천 아시안게임 (2)

See that HWPL , IPYG and IWPG’s peace march!!

People whoever have two eyes and one head must say It is impossible.

It is because people pay attention to ‘What I can’t control’

People who make the impossible possible.


HWPL(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light).


Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. (proverb)