The Chairman Man Hee Lee Quotes #14

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2019 World Peace Summit:
5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit

This peace festival was held at Suwon World Cup Stadium (Korea) and was broadcast live to a worldwide audience. And “Legislate Peace” Campaign was conducted in 113 countries, 166 locations, 211 events. [138 countries participated] I certainly recommend seeing it in person. Because knowing and feeling are very different. Especially, I recommend you see the IPYG Card Section and Media Facade.

Man Hee Lee Peace Quotes #14

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE The Chairman Man Hee Lee Quotes #14 WARPsummit2019 Together_Peace manheelee peace leader Man Hee Lee Quotes Man Hee Lee Peace Quotes man hee lee peace education Man Hee Lee Peace Biography man hee lee hwpl man hee lee dpcw Man Hee Lee biography hwpl man hee lee hwpl dpcw HWPL DPCW 2019WorldPeaceSummit #LegislatePeace

Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, proclaimed a message of peace filled with passion through his opening speech by saying “Five years ago, at the WARP Summit, Political leaders pledged to work towards an international legal document for peace and cessation of war, religious leaders pledged to achieve the alliance of religions, and heads of various organizations pledged to urge for the completion of this work. We are working to keep that promise now. The event is held at the same time in many countries around the world. These efforts will shine in the history of the world and we must be united to achieve the promised purpose (of peace). Let the DPCW be presented and passed to the UN General Assembly as international law of peace. We Are One!”

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Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!


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