The Chairman Man Hee Lee Quotes #11

Please Become a Messenger of Peace!

HWPL Special Edition: The Beginning of Change towards Peace
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Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL has traveled around the world 30 times and visited more than 100 countries in the last seven years for cessation of war and world peace. [Photo: HWPL]

Senior reporters with a high position at the newspaper office came and asked questions about his ” Peace Scenario.”

Q. What is the significance of the peace work that you have done so far for cessation of war and world peace?

The Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL said “More people died from starvation than from combat injuries during the Korean War. Many people struggled to live, eating anything from dirt to gunpowder in bullets. When could they ever take off their blood-stained military uniforms?”

“To do so, war had to come to an end. Wars must never happen again. Peace is not just a matter of one individual or one country. It matters to all people of the world, so everyone in the world must support this work of peace. I invite everyone to become messengers of peace, transcending the borders of nationality, ethnicity and religion.”

Q. Could you comment on the Peace Letter Campaign that HWPL is engaging in together with many youth, women and social organizations around the world?

The Chairman Lee said “If heads of state truly love their citizens and their countries, they will not be able to ignore the will of the people. Young people are sacrificed in the frontlines of war without getting a chance to blossom. Has anyone compensated for their sacrifices? Now the youths are saying they will protect themselves. Women are saying they will not send their children to battlefields. Their Peace Letters will certainly move the world.”

Q. What could be a path forward for peace education?

He answered “Someone once offered to award me a peace prize, but I rejected the offer. Instead of receiving the peace prize, I made a book that contains all the peace work that we have done so far and distributed the book in libraries around the world, so that the future generations can know about this work of peace. I believe that this is a true peace education that we need.”

“No one has yet been able to achieve cessation of war and realize world peace, and this work may seem impossible even in the future. However, this is a work that needs to be done by someone for all mankind, and maybe the DPCW, which is about to be introduced in the UN General Assembly, could be the last hope we have.”

I was most impressed with his last words. I don’t want to miss this chance, which may be the last hope. It’s not just for me, it is for all of us. Since IPYG Peace Letter Campaign has already become an international campaign involving 200,000 people, I’d like to keep trying to write peace letters.
Let’s write together. 🙂


Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!


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I am 'a Step towards PEACE'. There is no path to peace. Peace is the path. - Gandhi

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  1. It is clear to me given HWPL’s progress with the DPCW, peace education and WARP offices that they have the only solution to ending wars.

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