HWPL “Legislate Peace (LP)” Campaign Peace Quotes #2

Who is Mr. Man Hee Lee?

He is now nearly 90 years old, risking his life to do the work of peace. He is a Korean War veteran and currently a representative of the HWPL. Do you know why HWPL is considered the most substantive and powerful peace organization? Because he is ahead of anyone in peace. Are you curious about his peace biography? (Click here) Ongoing “Legislate Peace” Campaign is a part of it. Various conferences and peace festivals are currently being held in more than 200 cities in 110 countries. πŸ™‚

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LP Campaign Peace Quotes

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Nazeeb Sulayman Ibraheem, Reporter, Radio Nigeria

“I am doing peace work because, without peace, I may not have grown to be educated, I may not have lived without fear of being consumed by violence or war. We can achieve peace work as journalists only if we actively, effectively carry factual stories and peacefully help in heart-to-heart discussions of objective analysis of situations with stakeholders like government officials, peace experts, civil society experts, youth and religious leaders. THE Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) is the most important peace document today.”

It’s a video of him actually participating in the event.

Aung Myint Thu,
Manaung Youth Networking Group, Executive Director, Myanmar

“In 2018, this year I became one of young leaders, spokesperson, at Social Sector at Union Peace Conference- which is the top political Dialogue in Myanmar” where we write we make Principle, policy, Laws which are to end the conflicts.

In 2018 conference, we discussed the importance of children and women, Refugee, Education and Health. Just before the conference, I got a email from IPYG about this WARP summit. When I saw about DPCW which we are working on to become an international Law as UN resolutions, I said myself ” Right, this is what I have been dreaming – I will be one of the World Peace Maker to make HWPL dream come true.

UN has not had this kind of international Law in UN. Therefore, it is the time for regional leaders, national leaders and international leaders to support DPCW and make the world have peace. And, let make this vocabulary ”War (W-A-R)” disappear from our dictionary and our daily life talks. Let educate the Civil Society and get strength from them and make DPCW as an international law together.”

Reference: http://hwpl.kr/en/news

Peace is up to you πŸ™‚ Good luck!