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Commonwealth of Australia

A STEP TOWARDS PEACE [Australia diary] basic information Sydney Religion mateship Language Gold rush Ethnicity Canberra Basic information Australia

Capital : Canberra(‘meeting place’ in Aboriginal language)
Largest city : Sydney
2016 census : 23,401,892
Area : 7,692,024 km²
Currency : Australian dollar (AUD)
National language : English
Various ethnicities, No state religion

Australia diary : Basic information

If you want to understand Australia, you must know ‘Gold rush’. In Australia the gold rush began in the early 1850s. Europeans already arrived in 1600s. The gold rushes caused a huge influx of people from overseas. Australia’s total population more than tripled from 430,000 in 1851 to 1.7 million in 1871. Australia first became a multicultural society during the gold rush period. These diggers lived together naturally. What were born here? The mateship‘ The mateship and their collective resistance led to the emergence of a unique national identity.(later) So the Australia has various ethnicities, languages and religions.

Ethnicity : English (36.1%), Australian (33.5%), Irish (11.0%), Scottish (9.3%), Chinese (5.6%), Italian (4.6%), German (4.5%), Indian (2.8%), Greek (1.8%), and Dutch (1.6%)
Language : English (72.7%), Mandarin (2.5%), Arabic (1.4%), Cantonese (1.2%), Vietnamese (1.2%) and Italian (1.2%)
Religion : No religion (30.1%), Roman Catholic (22.6%), Other Christian (18.7%), Anglican (13.3%), Islam (2.6%), Buddhism (2.4%) and Hinduism(1.9%)

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