Doing good better : Apply to Peace Movement


Doing good better : William MacAskill

  It is a book of altruism. Have you ever think about good will? Sometimes I want the world to change better, don’t you? If so, I take an example. One man want to do something for children of the Third World countries. He get great ideas! ‘A wheel pump‘ He imagine children romping with water. This project received worldwide attention. It raises large sums of money. They can supply lot of wheel pumps to the Third World countries.  So, what happened? Doing good better?

It is really uncomfortable

Many international organizations point out the flaw and families of the Third World complained. It is very ineffective than hand pump. The project suddenly went to smash. Although efforts are great, It’s a big waste of time and money.

Effective Altruism can change the world

  A practical, data-driven approach to doing good makes a tremendous difference. Not only charity, It can apply to peace movements. This book throw a question. “How can I make the biggest difference I can?” Like this question, if you cry out peace, all peace movements are not effective and practical. We should measure this impact accurately. There is an peace movement that is highly acclaimed at home and abroad. HWPL‘s peace movements are very practical and substantive. DPCW(Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) is already declared. Now, presidents only have to sign up. Or come up with something better.

“The challenge for us is this: How can we ensure that, when we try to help others, we do so as effectively as possible?”  – Doing good better

WARP Summit 2017 : Peace movement

  • In May 25, 2013 The Declaration of World Peace was proclaimed.
  • In Sep 16-19, 2014 World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit
  • In Sep 18-19, 2015 Convention on the Renunciation and Cessation of War and International Armed Conflicts
  • Nov 12-13, 2015 Committee meeting convenes to draft the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War
  • In March 14, 2016 New international law was proclaimed by HWPL International Law Peace Committee(more info). It was DPCW(Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War). (DPCW is here)
  • Now ‘Legislate peace campaign’

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