IPYG : Passionate Young Peace Movements


IPYG : International Peace Youth Group

  IPYG, a group of young leaders, devoted their youth to achieving world peace. IPYG youth, with the vision of world peace, like shining stars, becomes the model of the world peace movement. The members of IPYG are accepted by good examples of world peace movements. They are really passionate. One of the key activities is IPYG world Peace Walk held 25 May every year around the world. DPCW Parade!

Ordinary people’s ordinary peace

The IPYG, an organization of international youth leaders, is carrying out peace activities to protect the future of the earth by becoming messengers of peace.

“If there is we cannot do, and we don’t do it. That’s not the way it should be. Let us become one heart. And, the objective will surely be achieved. –  representative of IPYG

IPYG : We Youths, Become One Heart

Our vision

“IPYG youth around the world are united in one purpose-to share in the love and life granted from heaven through peace projects and campaigns”

“For World Peace to become a reality, this is the duty of all youth, everywhere.” – IPYG
Text of a speech in 3rd WARP 2017

“We have grown and developed in many ways. More than anything, we have been working advocacy campaigns so that the declaration of world peace and cessation of wars will become legally binding and it will truly bring all wars to an end.

We have been able to produce good results and you will be able to confirm this through the various sessions that had begun today. Our objective is world peace where there are no more wars. Until this objective is achieved, we must all follow the leadership of chairman Lee of HWPL and go forth one direction.


If there is we cannot do, and we don’t do it. That’s not the way it should be. Let us become one heart. And, the objective will surely be achieved.” – representative of IPYG


Immediately and very quickly, we have to work on for every nation and leader to sign up international law to implement and the declaration of 10 articles and 38 clauses.  So distinguished guests, you already have an answer. Now, we need to take an action to it – chairman of HWPL

Peace is up to you :0 Good luck!


Dead White helmet : Peace is the path


Executed 7 Dead White helmet

It is really a shocking news. I have had an eye on Nobel Peace Prize candidates because I have a lot of interest in peace. What news? 7 members of ‘White Helmet‘ were killed by unidentified armed men. I don’t know how many. They were shot in the head. Do you know what it means? “Execution” What kind of crime? The international community is angry. It is even more because 7 members are private volunteers who worked tirelessly to save lives in an extraordinarily dangerous environment. We should make it as an opportunity7 Dead White helmet is not dead.

War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace. – Thomas Mann

What is their will?

The best way to commemorate their deaths is to follow their will. It is unnecessary to talk many things. If we don’t do anything, we should be more angry. So, what is their will? White helmet is made up of Tailor, bakers, carpenters, electricians and other over 3,000 people. Their goal is to save anyone hurt. They claim to advocate moderation. Eventually, what they most wanted is peace. “A world free from wars” Anton Chekhov saidWe shall find peace. We shall hear the angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds’  I didn’t want their death to be in vain. Dead White helmets must be alive in our heart.

How we can do it?

HWPL’s Two wings : IWPG & IPYG

We already know that war settles nothing and to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one.(Agatha Christie) Actions are necessary now, not words. We should really achieve peace. I want to recommend ‘HWPL‘. “Groundbreaking and substantive” solutions of HWPL is impressive. The chairman of HWPL said “We have the answer to achieve Peace” HWPL‘s SOLUTIONS are  ‘International Law for Peace and Cessation of War‘ and ‘Alliance of Religions‘. (more info) and other postings

There is no path to peacePeace is the path. – Mahatma Gandhi

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2017 World Youth Festival “Youth Do It”


Youth Do IT and Youth well done

Do you have any something stuffy? But you don’t know how to release, don’t you? Radiate your youthfulness! Youth imagine Youth challenge Youth act and Youth well done! It is a slogan of 2017 World Youth Festival. It takes place in Gwangju, Korea from Aug. 4 to Aug. 6. Originally I went to Australia to study abroad. In summer vacation, I came to my hometown. I’ll show you things I actually taken. You might be surprised by their energy.

DJ Party : 2017 World Youth Festival

Who created this festival? Who participated in this festival? Youth! But It is not made to eat and just play. I think this festival want to say somethiing. As I see it, it want to make ‘new culture’. “Youth can do it! Not only just do, but also do very well!” There are many lethargic young man who lose their will. They think “What can I do? It is nothing.” I was like that at one time. But now, this is no time to keep still. There are many young people our age in all over the world. What do they think? It may be different. Can you hear?

  There is a someone who worry for a living, who are afraid of crimes and who are angry at enemy that kill my comrade. But we are one! We should help each other. This is why Youth cry out Peace! The war must be done away. Politics seem to start most wars. But Politician don’t go to war. Who go to? It is Youth! Youth kill each other. Who died? It is Youth! Not Politician. Why do we fight? For country…? Can you say it is for country? Ask to your conscience. We want to achieve PEACE! We Are One!

(more info : it’s home page https://www.wyouthfestival.com/eng)

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‘Greenery Peace Color’ : 2017 Color Trend


Greenery : Color trend of the Year 2017

  Didn’t you see a lot of green around? It is a 2017 color of the year.   Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the hope we collectively yearn for amid a complex social and political landscape, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone’s color consulting arm, said. What is Pantone? It determines the color trend of the world. Fashion, beauty and many industries are affected. Greenery is symbolic of “new beginnings” What does it mean to you?

Greenery Peace Color : New beginning

  It’s meaning is very cool. I feel like it is same as ‘breeze’. Is it time to start something before? Are you planning a trip? Aren’t your heart throbbing with joy? Revitalize! It maybe a mission of the young people. Have you ever think color of the peace is what? I think it fits well ‘greenery‘ I will name it a ‘Greenery peace color‘. Fresh, second wind, new beginnings, vitality! It is not important what to wear. “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.” Coco Chanel said. It means that it is more important who you’ll be. What is in  your mind? Peace’s new wind is blowing. I’ll show you ‘Blowing in The Wind – Bob Dylan’.

  If you want concrete and substantial peace movement? My other 4 posting is here. Fresh! second wind! new beginnings! vitality! (click one by one)

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Gabriel Coco Chanel

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When you feel depressed : The funniest Dance!


Are you depressed?

  You wake up, but there is no friend to meet? You feel like it’s you against the world. You are lonely but you maybe don’t want to talk about this. You can say ‘I’m not alone.’ Yes I think it is true and you are honest. I just want to talk. You can do whatever you want. There is no answer. I just want to tell you. You’re not that kind of guy. You have enough capacity to do that.

The funniest Dance : Surprising!

   You will be really surprised. He is dancing alone and editing it himself. Just imagine. He put a great deal of effort to make this one video. During the day he had worked as a pharmacist. He seems really quiet and shy. Why did He do? He started it to change his personality. I think he is really brave. It is not saying to do the same thing. You know what I’m saying. Good luck! It’s up to you!

Peace is up to you 🙂 Good luck!


A Aleppo boy unveiled ‘Nightmare of Syrian jail’


Why Peace?

What do you think is the most terrible thing in the world? Snake? Ghost? I think it’s a ‘Syrian jail’. Do you know ‘Sednaya Prison? It is a military prison near Damascus in Syria. A Aleppo boy(15 years old) was imprisoned for 10 months two years back. The awful thing is that Sednaya Prison is called killing field. Recently, this boy sent ‘a record of Syrian prison’ to the Guardian, British daily.

His Voice in the Syrian jail

“Today is the UN’s International Day for Support of Victims of Torture. Unfortunately in Syria, there is no shortage of victims of torture. Tens of thousands of us have been thrown in Assad’s prisons and tortured beyond what our bodies and minds can take.”

“When I was first arrested, I was taken to security branch headquarters near Damascus, where I was tortured during sessions of interrogation for 58 days straight. After 58 days of this treatment, I had no choice but to sign false confessions that the interrogator himself wrote. I put my name to offences I had never committed, and confessions about people I had never met. I was even forced to sign a document that accused my brother of being an armed rebel.”

Saydnaya is where you go to die

“I was held in that branch for four-and-a-half months, then moved to the political security administration at Fayha’ in Damascus. Here I was tortured in even more ways. I was given electric shocks on sensitive parts of my body; suspended from the ceiling; tortured using brutal methods known as “wind carpet”, “the wheel”, and “the bed”. This went on for another three months.”

“This is when I was transferred to Saydnaya military prison. The Living Persons’ Graveyard. The Human Slaughterhouse. These are names that describe Saydnaya.”

“We survived on scraps of rubbish for food. We became so starved that our bodies stopped looking human. And we were whipped, beaten, starved, given electric shocks. We saw people taken to be hanged en masse. There are stories of prisoners being forced to rape each other, or of guards raping prisoners. There are stories of guards forcing prisoners to kill their own friends and family, or be tortured and executed. Saydnaya is hell on Earth.”

“In October 2015, after 10 months of detention, I won my freedom. But my mind will never be free. I’ve been taken hostage by the cries of my fellow prisoners”

This is why we need peace

This video is not related with Aleppo boy. But I insert it because of your understanding.

More info about truth : Amnesty homepage

Peace is up to you 🙂 Good luck!


4th Peace Walk : Let’s go with ‘Legislate Peace Campaign’


Why do we walk?

25 May, 2017 4th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace! Many peoples were gathered in the world for peace walk. It was more than 300,000 people. We are passionate and powerful! It’s so funny and touching. Very Hot but we became One! There is no one who don’t know why we walk. We cry out for peace! Each of us has a different story. Our stories are heartbreaking in our own lives. But we have one dream! one voice and one movement!

Cessation of War for future generations!

You Can See it now-now

Another tragedy : Absence of empathy

We can easily see the horrors of war. You can’t overemphasize the tragedy of war. But it is no use that if you didn’t feel deep down in the heart. It is another tragedy! The absence of empathy. I hate just words, just a pity. Of course I’m very thankful for cheerful words but I just want to change their future actually. It’s maybe our future that my children will live in, aren’t you? You need to feel more.

This cardsection of IPYG is a story about ending of war. You can think about one more time. It not only posed problems of war but also suggested Solutions. My friend Kes was in tears

Check it yourself. you can feel

Feel in the flesh

Is it a naive desire? Nope

If you can’t believe us, you can see works. I didn’t these works but just I am interested in HWPLs walk. Its practical and substantive approach for peace is really attractive. Many things happened in 4 years.

  • In 2013, The Declaration of World Peace was proclaimed.
  • In 14 March, 2016 New international law was proclaimed by HWPL International Law Peace Committee(more info). It was called DPCW(Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War).


Legislate Peace Campaign was active to present DPCW to the United Nations.(campaign page) Now 300,000 people is moving fast. For Peace! Finally, they call on world leaders and governments to develop and enforce a law based on the principles of the DPCW. They are passionate and strong.


Let us Legislate Peace. Sign Your Support.

World peace and restoration has begun at the same time this declaration is proclaimed.
Thank you. – Chairman of HWPL

Peace is up to you 🙂 Good luck!



25 May, 2017 Peace Walk& 4th Declaration of World Peace!!! I’m Here!!!


25 May, 2017 Peace Walk in the field

Wow It’s a very hot day but my heart is cool. Now that I have had their say, It’s like cold water. I Did you have lunch well? I’m full!!! Although I didn’t eat a lot of rice, this impression is really feeding my soul. Did you listen passionate shouts? We are one!!!!! Cry out for Peace!!! The energy in the field here is amazing!!! I want to be with you.

HWPL chair man : Man-hee Lee

International law

If the current international law is perfect, we didn’t legislate an international law. All young men want peace, not war. Everyone should agree this international law proposed in the UN.


Not bring peace to someone who stand still. We have to make peace. If incumbent presidents aren’t doing works of peace, future generations would have a bone to pick with presidents. In Peace! We Are One!


Religion should be one and country, global village should also be one!

IWPG director : Nam-hee Kim

Nothing can stop the orders of the sky and it is the hope of mankind. I come here everything behind because Solution of Peace is here! Mothers are hope for peace! If you believe in a can-do attitude, you can do it!

IPYG manager : Du-hyun Kim

Bad leadership stop change, but also start a war and violenceYouth is awakening! If we work together, we can make a better world. Although a stumbling block is here, we have a hope! We count on Lee’s leadership! Youth!!! has your hope!!! 

Are you curious? Hold the line, please.

Peace is up to you. 🙂 Good luck!


Official page : http://hwpl.kr/en/project/peaceWalk

Promotional video :
1. 4th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace_Promo | HWPL
2. 4th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace_Typography | HWPL




[Declaration of World Peace] Already Peace has begun!& 525 Peace Walk #2


5,000 refugees rescued for two days

  According to the Libyan authorities and Italy (local time) Wednesday, 20, 2,900 refugees were drifting in the coast of Libya. Italy, Libyan coast guard saved them. But the joy and sorrow is mixed. Italy coast guard saved 2,300 and Libyan coast guard saved 580. 2,300 refugees were delivered to the port of Italy but 580 were delivered to Libya. According to United Nations refugee agency (unhcr), 46,000 people arrived in Italy this year. It was 86% of 55,000 refugees who set foot in Europe. It’s so sad story. When is peace coming? The people are worn out! They are inert and lethargic.

However, there are people constantly trying to achieve peace.

Already Peace has begun!

2013 Peace walk : Proclamation of the Declaration of World Peace

The Heavens and the Earth formed by the hands of the Creator have been given to humanity as an inheritance. In all the universe, life in its vast splendour exists only on our world. The life that grows on the earth is sustained from above – by light, by the rain, and by the air they provide unconditionally to all living beings. We have received the precious gift of life from above, let us give glory to heaven, and live in peace on earth. This is the truest teaching of heaven.

With this eternal gift – the grace and life we have received – are we entitled to fight, kill and destroy one another? We cannot claim to desire peace and continue to provoke one another, causing conflict for the sake of valuing our own national interests above those of others. This will only take the lives of the youth, wasting them in the futility of war. This is not a legacy we can leave to future generations.

Of what use is a young life, born in our day and age, if it is thrown away in this manner – thrown away without having had a chance to bloom? What price can compensate for the loss of a life? Do these young souls have another chance at life? As emissaries of World Peace; as people who are working towards the restoration of humanity through a new and heavenly culture, we declare the following:

We call on all youth to unite in an effort to stop wars and pursue the restoration of peace by agreeing not to fight one another. For World Peace to become a reality, this is the duty of all youth, everywhere.

The only way to stop the fighting and pointless, tragic deaths, is to stop fighting. Nobody can ask for anything greater than this, and know that your efforts – the efforts of the young people of the world today in pursuit of peace – will remain as a never fading light of life for all future generations.

Furthermore, we call on every person, every man, woman, and child in the world, to pick up the mantle of peace. In whatever way you can, we ask that you work to further the cause of world peace and restoration, making it a reality in your direct environments.

Lastly, we call on the media to report responsibly and promote a message of peace to the world.

World peace and restoration has begun at the same time this declaration is proclaimed.

Thank you.



War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace. – Thomas Mann

Peace is up to you. 🙂 Good luck!




Protests of Venezuela : Venezuelan violinist plays with Teargas Pouring into


Protests of Venezuela

It’s two months of anti-government protests in José Martí Square of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Police fired tear gas and masked youths threw petrol bombs. Anger, hatred, resentment, discord, crash, lack of understanding… It stands to reason that we are all suffocated even when we think about it. It may be exactly same to Venezuelan violinist.

However, the day was different.

Violin melody came from somewhere. The roar of the tear gas and shouts of protesters ‘It’s dangerous!!!’ mingled in a violin melodyIt was an extraordinary landscape. A young man of Venezuela(Venezuelan violinist) with helmet bearing the national flags was playing the violin. He didn’t seem to mind that or anything. He was only focus on the violin melody. He didn’t have any weapon and protection equipment. It gives a strong impression to me.

It was on air by CNN.

What is the meaning?

On May 3, the 18 year-old Venezuelan violinist and member of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra was shot dead during an anti-government demonstration. His name is Armando Cañizales. He said, “I fought for my country” and participated in demonstration. Cañizales was in El Sistema music education program for low-income youth in Venezuela. So of course, his funeral was full with weeping young musicians when Venezuelan flags were flapping.

This mournful violin melody maybe means another expression of protest for Armando Cañizales. 

PEACE is up to you. 🙂 Good Luck!