8 thoughts on “[Legislate Peace] 2019 World Peace Summit: 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit”

  1. โ€œAll religions speak of peace, but unfortunately religion has become one the causes for the greatest conflicts in human history. DPCW deals with these issues of religion which may be sensitive and includes specific provisions to resolve religious conflicts. Article 8 of the DPCW contains provisions to deal with these things. Like so, the DPCW contains the necessarily legal provisions to cut off religious conflicts, protect the freedom of religion, and encourage inter-religious dialogues. DPCW Article 9 states that if such disputes are prevented but are not resolved and continue to be caused by religion, then strong legal actions will be taken against them. That is why I strongly believe that the DPCW is the method to achieve peace.โ€
    Monk Phramaha Monchai Saitanaporn, from Wat Phra Dhammakaya Berlin

  2. I really want to go to Korea to see the actual Peace Event. The effort thatโ€™s being put into looks extraordinary. It would only take dedication and effort from people who take Peace very seriously! Thank you Koreans and Thank you HWPL, IPYG!

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